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A Fitting Tribute

Rosa Parks to lie in honor at the Capitol.

Rosa Parks, the African American seamstress who refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Ala., 50 years ago and lent a spark to the beginnings of the modern civil rights movement, will make history again as the first woman ever to lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, after the House today passed a resolution permitting the tribute.

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FBI Inches Closer to Sanity on Drugs

FBI Considers Relaxing Drug-Use Policy.

“The integrity of the FBI is a known national treasure that must be protected,” said retired Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, who used to head the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. “But there should be no hard and fast rule that suggests you can’t ever have used drugs.”


“What people did when they were 18 or 21, I think that is pretty irrelevant,” said Richard Clarke, a former top White House counterterrorism adviser. “We have to recognize there are a couple of generations now who regarded marijuana use, while it’s technically illegal, as nothing more serious than jaywalking.”

I find it amusing that they’re essentially being forced into this by other agencies who have already come to a more realistic stance because they can’t hire those agencies’ already trained and competent personnel under their current, more restrictive policy.

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Cloneburger, anyone?

It’s things like this that make me glad I went vegan. Cloned food. No thanks!

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“We Can Manage Better”

This from the party who said they could manage the government better. Ha.

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Enough with tolerance, I want to be intolerant.

I don’t want to tolerate those who would discriminate against me. I don’t want to tolerate those who would harm me and mine through word or deed. I don’t want to tolerate people who spend every waking moment trying to think of ways to hold us back, or, even worse, who are indifferent to the suffering they see around them. These people don’t deserve tolerance, they deserve to be actively opposed, and told they are wrong, and fought tooth and nail at every turn.

Because if they’re not opposed, they’ll run right over us, with not even a pretense of tolerance to smooth over the destruction they’ll leave behind.

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