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Irrational Hatred

So, Why Are Whites So Homophobic?

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The Right to Bear Arms

I can’t decide if I’m more amused or appalled at the reactions here in DC to the Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia’s ruling that specific parts of the District’s multi-layered gun ban were unconstitutional. The lack of understanding of basic civics when it comes to the status of the District within the overall Constitutional framework is just plain silly, especially among citizens of the District itself.

The majority opinion did a very good job of rendering the history of the second amendment, and of ripping apart the fallacious arguments in the dissent. It’s most certainly going to be appealed, first to the full court of appeals, and then likely to the Supreme Court. I’ll make no bets on whether or not SCOTUS would accept cert in the case (given that they’ve not addressed the second amendment in any meaningful way since 1939), but I’d wager the majority opinion is upheld by the full court of appeals.

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See, this is why you should never, ever fuck with a moose.

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Gay Marriage Ads

Gay Marriage is just like yours… only gayer

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