10 November, 2012

Dust & Paint

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You know you needed to clean when doing so sets off your allergies (from all the dust that’s kicked up).

Yesterday I sent the boy off to a conference for the weekend, and dropped the dawg off at dawggie day care. Got the oxygen sensor in the mini replaced this morning. Been cleaning off and on since, and I think it was the vacuuming that pushed my allergies over the edge. Ah well, at least there aren’t obvious dust bunnies all over the place now, even if my nose is going nuts. We painted last weekend, putting black chalkboard paint on half the entryway hall (and it works; it’s not like that hallway could get any darker, so the black doesn’t detract), and a nice green (“Douglas Fir”) in the living room:

New paint

Plus we moved around some furniture, and with all that it stirred up a lot of dust and carpet fuzz. So today has been putting things away, finding new spots for things, and rocking out to Queen’s Platinum Collection.

But now I think it may be time to goof off a bit with the Playstation.

25 October, 2012

Monthly Update

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If for no other reason, I want the election done and over with so I can know how chaotic the next two months after that will be (transition to a new administration [high chaos] versus retention of the incumbent [mild chaos]). Add to the normal mess this whole “sequestration” thingey and I’m not making any travel plans for late December, much to the boy’s annoyance, since we’re supposed to go to Boston and then to the midwest for a wedding. It would be nice if we could count on Congress acting like adults, but they won’t, so in the meantime the rest of us are stuck.

Went in to get new orthoses from a new podiatrist this morning. Hoping these will be better. We talked a lot about the mechanics of the inserts and what did and didn’t work, so feeling pretty good about this set. Will be nice to be able to run again. Saw the dentist Tuesday, teeth are all good. Seeing a new allergist next week, which should be interesting, not least because I’m off allergy meds for the next week. The last time I got tested the only result was being told that I was pretty much allergic to everything, which was neither helpful nor illuminating. So I’m looking for a bit more precision this time, and a different treatment regimen. I’m just tired of taking sudafed daily to dry out my sinuses. Breathing normally without drugs would be a welcome change.

The boy and I are slowly fixing my apartment for his eventual move in. We both have plans this weekend, so can’t do the furniture move/painting we thought we could, so that’ll shift to the weekend after. It’s good that we have time to adapt it and don’t have to do it at once, I think that’s going to help me with the transition. I suspect it’ll be harder on me since we’re taking a space that I’ve had as a solo sanctuary and sticking two people in it. Not that it’ll be stress free for him, either, but hey, my blog, my feelings.

2 August, 2010

Much Better/Dating/Couch

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Had a really successful bike ride on Saturday. 101 miles, no cramping. Did get tired of eating, but no burping up with a completely full stomach, so managed to keep hydrated and thoroughly electrolyted. It was another ride where I focused on hydration with the result that I constantly had to pee. Again. Just like Total 200. Better that than cramps, but man, got tired of hunting for port-a-johns and bathrooms on the way. Keep this up and I’m going to get to know all of them on the W&OD.

Didn’t get started until 9, which is roughly when I should be starting the IM, depending on when I get into the water. It all worked, even with a rest break at the 1/2 way point and a popped tube in the middle of suburbia, so I think I should be able to get through the thing now. I used Nuun rather than a caloried sports drink this time, and I think that made the difference. I kept the aero bottle between the bars and one of my water bottles filled with water, and one water bottle filled with Nuun. I’d alternate sipping some Nuun after eating with sipping water. I think I may have found the right mix to get through the bike. Hopefully the mix that worked for the run at Eagleman will work as well at Louisville.

So far so good.

In other news™ I’ve been dating someone I’ll call The Boy here for a month now. It’s going well, and I’m enjoying it. He lives a way out in Northern Virginia, but we’ve managed to see each other at least once or twice a week since we first met back on the 1st of July. He’s off with his family to Maine for a week starting tomorrow, so won’t see him at all in the next week, though I imagine there will be much texting. Dragged him out to Nerd Brunch, my regular Sunday thing, as well as a game day party, and so far that’s worked. Am enjoying the company. He’s roughly my size, so we fit together well while cuddling on the couch.

Speaking of couches, I finally ordered a new one, one I hope will be more conducive to the aforementioned cuddling. It’ll be delivered in a couple of months, by which point I’ll have figured out what to do with the current one. It’s not a sleeper, unlike the current one, so I added an ottoman that is a sleeper in a matching fabric. Ever so slowly the living room will come together.

24 March, 2010


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Took a personal day today to get the annual eye exam done, and drop off the mini for needed maintenance. While I was out and about I decided to run by the local hardware store over on Capitol Hill and check out some paint colors. Picked up three samples for the bedroom and one for the bathroom. The bathroom one is going to work, I think, and it’s a shame that the sample is the wrong kind of paint for a ‘wet’ room because that little pot would cover the whole kit & kaboodle. The three in the bedroom will need to be observed over several days in different lights to see which of them I am going to want. They’re all in a grey-blue tone, of varying bits of blue and varying degrees of light/dark. I suspect the lightest is going to be the one to go with, but I need to see them in different light first.

And yes, it has taken me four years to get paint. Hush.

I also picked up a little razor/knife thingey to enable me to cut several light switch covers and electrical covers off the walls where the idjits who painted the apartment before I moved in painted over them. If I ever catch a contractor I’ve hired doing the same, I’ll skin ’em alive. I’ve now replaced the covers in the kitchen, front hall and bathroom. Forgot (or didn’t look) to get three other light switches, but I can get those when I go back for the paint. Gotta say, I am SOOOO glad I got rid of that stupid blue ceramic cover in the bathroom. Ugh. That thing drove me nuts. Replaced them all with pewter-tone steel, which matches the aluminium ‘theme’ of the cult co-op. Next step will be replacing the actual switches and plugs in the walls, as they’re all disgustingly dirty and mostly painted over in varying hues. But that’s for another day when I feel like sitting down and (not) playing with electricity.

28 January, 2010


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I must be unconsciously watching my language around Mike because I actually managed to shock him with a hearty expletive (“fuck!”) this evening. That or I’ve stopped cursing as much, which is entirely possible since I’m stuck around so many political appointees these days.

Orientation day for the newbies is Saturday and we usually do a run afterward. This year, probably not so much, since it’s forecast to be 28 degrees and snowing. Whee! Not what I want to drag a bunch of new triathletes out into, personally. All the docs are current for them, though, including the next month of workouts, so now it’s just getting the clinics set up.

Need to pick up an X-Acto knife this weekend so I can start the process of replacing light switches and electrical sockets. Having looked at the paint jobs in the hallways I think I can say definitively that the estate I purchased the apartment from had the cult’s co-op’s own workers repaint the unit, because like the hallway, all of the electrical sockets and light switches were painted over when I moved in. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, and there’s no reason for it when it’s relatively simple to either tape or remove and replace the covers while painting. So, I’d like to get those fixed, at least the ones that are in public view, so they don’t look so sloppy. And I’m dying to replace the awful (and filthy) blue light switch cover in the bathroom. That can’t happen soon enough for my tastes.