Just Ask

So there’s this hot guy or gal you want to get to know better. You get all weak in the knees every time you think about them, and get all wibbly about whether they’d like you or not, and just generally turn into a quivering pile of pudding rather than the normal, sane, articulate person you are on a regular basis. You know what? You just need to ask them out. Period, end of story, nothing more, nothing less.

Because, really, what the worst thing they could do? They can say no. They can’t take away your birthday, they can’t reduce you to abject poverty, they can’t cripple you or blind you or something similarly horrible. They can only say no.

And if they do say no, so what? You risked, you lost, but you get to get on with things rather than obsessing about something that’s not going to happen. And if they do something more than say no, they laugh, or insult you, would you really have wanted to be with such a jackass, no matter how hot they were? Probably not. Better to find that out early and be done with them.

And if they say yes? Well, you get to go out with this hot person you’ve been obsessing over. And that’s what you wanted, right? So ask them out. You may be surprised at the result.

Friday, June 22nd, 2007 etiquette No Comments