A very well written explanation of The Conservatism of Occupy Wall Street.

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I think Dellinger is onto something here.

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Let Them Advertise

Colbert King, and the established gay activists in DC, get it right on allowing offensive anti-same-sex-marriage ads on Metrobuses in DC. Free speech doesn’t extend only to speech we agree with.

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Privilege is Privilege

A cogent answer to an ill-considered editorial on same-sex marriage and race.

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The Triumph of Unreason

A well written editorial about the current state of the American “right”.

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If Your Only Criticism Is Superficial

As Brian so aptly puts it, the joke still needs to be funny.

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Right Wing Fraud

Orchestrated “grass-roots” intimidation of Congressmembers regarding health care reform.

A shame this can’t/won’t get prosecuted.

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They Do WHAT Together?

Link courtesy Fredo

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Not To Be Silenced

Bishop Robinson’s prayer at the beginning of Sunday’s concert welcoming the President-elect. While HBO did not deign to show it, and many there in person did not hear it because of sound issues, it was recorded and it should be heard.

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What It’s Like For Our Children

More real stories from the Republic of T.

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