5 October, 2005

And We Try Again

Category: Pests — Moose @ 9:39 pm

My bedroom is set up once again (mostly), after the last round of treatment for the bed bugs. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I’m certainly not holding my breath.

The latest round was a supposed fogger. The guy sprayed stuff all over and we retreated from the room for the day. Presumably this stuff then gasssed up the place and got into all the nooks and crannies and killed things. Whee. The frustrating thing is that nothing has yet been done about the source of the infestation, the boys next door. Normally I’m all for evictions taking a certain amount of due process, but like the famous joke that a Republican is merely a Democrat who’s been mugged, I’m not feeling terribly generous towards them at the moment.

The birthday itself on Monday was… eh. Was very busy at work, and then Richard and I went to Mama Ayesha’s Calvert Cafe for dinner (free entree coupon, can’t turn that down), then home to crash out and the like. Yesterday was similarly low key. Dinner and drinks with Brian and some TiVO watching of bad comedy shows. And cleaning, of course, to prep the apartment (which ended up being a waste since we only did the bedroom) for today’s “fogging.”

The cats have handled most of these “close off this room,” and “shut us up in that room” things pretty well, which is a good thing. Natasha’s been recovering from the out of the norm stuff much more quickly than she did right after her vet experience.

Been running, though I had to skip that this morning for bug prep. Will see about a swim tomorrow, but not holding my breath on getting up rested enough. I have some time to take it easy and recover, but damn these bugs better go bye-bye so I can get back into my full, normal routine again.

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