30 August, 2012


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The parental units arrive on Tuesday. They last visited in 2006. Just after I bought this apartment. Well before I was engaged. 14 years since i’ve lived in DC and this is the 2nd time they’ve visited. But I’m (incredibly) not bitter. Yeah.

The boy told me to handle to dawg issues. His beagle can’t move into my apartment in the spring. And he can’t deal with the whole not there things. So, me.

I wish I wasn’t underwater on my mortgage. I like the dawg. We’ll make other arrangements so we can get the dawg back when I can move.

Thanks, housing bubble.

So there we are. Forget the wedding, how do we deal with the dawg?

8 August, 2012

Limping Along

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Surprising the boy with a slow cooker batch of meatballs tomorrow. He’s been at a work retreat the past two nights and gets back tomorrow, and will do so to an apartment that will smell fabulous.

I’m still irritated at myself, with regard to my last post on countfour. And I’m finding it difficult to blog as well. It’s an election year in DC, I can’t really talk about work or politics (yay Hatch act!), and it seems crazier than normal (in no small matter because of the proliferation of political ads, since Virginia is in play this year). I did finally get new orthotics for running, after some drama with the PT shop (the first set was too wide/tall & had to be shaved down to fit; PT guy was clearly not happy when I brought them in for refitting, but we got it resolved). So now I can run again, and have been starting to get back to that.

We’ve put in a request for a proposal for a wedding venue. Like the place, options seem good, then it’s just picking a date. Oy. The only date we know we want/have to work around is July 6, which is next year’s Total 200 ride, which the boy has said he wants to do next year, and I’m game to ride with him.