30 April, 2006

Development of a Fetish

Category: Sex — Moose @ 7:21 pm

I think I’m developing a fetish for jock straps.

They provide such easy access to all the right things, concealing the dangly bits, constricting them slightly (depending on the style), forcing a constrained push against the outer fabric. They can be left in place, or simply pushed to the side while remaining on, used to move, or control, or pull or tug. They accentuate the crotch and ass, providing a contrast with the surrounding skin that pleases the eye and heightens the awareness of how bare a lot of that area really is even with them on.

In other words, they’re quite fun.

I mention this because I’ve played recently with a gentleman who asked if I’d wear a jock, and I was happy to oblige. He also wore one, and I was surprised at how much more aroused I was with both of us wearing them. It was so easy, after a lot of heavy petting, to lift up his ass (he was on his back), while he was still wrapped, and rim him thoroughly. His focus, as well as mine, was on how his ass felt under that assault. After a good bit of that, with lots of spit on my part, and lots of moaning on his, a condom was grabbed. I pulled my jock to the side, slipping my cock out beside the fabric, slipped on the condom, and slipped the wrapped PA inside.

His eyes got even larger than they’d been under my tongue’s assault as the metal, harder than the surrounding flesh, slid slowly into his hole. I eased all the way in, feeling the jock up against the side of my crotch as I pressed tight up against him. Looking down I could see the white fabric under his nuts separate into the two side straps, curving to either side of the ass I had just split open.

The sides of his jock made for a nice handle as I thrust in and out. Eventually, in the normal course of play, I came into the rubber. Held him for a bit like that, letting the sensation wash over me, feeling the intensity that the PA brings to the experience. When I came back down, I groped his crotch through his jock, feeling how he strained against the cloth. Slipped out of him and righted the fabric of my own jock, reconnected my crotch to his ass and pulled his jock out of the way. My hands made quick work of him after that while my jock ground into his ass, with an explosion I later discovered was his 2nd of our session (seems his nips were rather more sensitive then I’d imagined while the heavy petting was occurring). After that, jocks went back into the usual position for nice, calming rubbing and reassurances.

This was not always the case, that I’d like jock straps. The wide waist bands on most of them tend to irritate me, and the thinner swimmer’s jocks are okay, but still not the most comfortable to wear. The fabric of the waists is also pretty annoying, being a tad rougher than I prefer on sensitive areas like the waist. The rubber ones from Nasty Pig are quite fun, and I like to wear those on occasion, but what really did it was finding a pair of low-rise ones from 2(x)ist with a much more comfortable waistband. Once the waist issue was solved, it was pure heaven.

Yup, definitely developing a fetish here.

28 April, 2006

The Smallest Things

Category: Relationships — Moose @ 9:51 pm

It’s strange how the smallest things will set off the strongest memories.

I cleared out the last largeish box in the dining room, broke it and two others down, and went to repack my box of old casette tapes into another, newer box (yeah, I still have casette tapes). At the bottom of that box I found a variety of things, including a a copy of a law review article from a professor I think I must have helped host when he visited my law school (just googled him, only vaguely remember the man), some other old correspondence from people I didn’t recognize, and three sets of pictures of myself, The Ex, and our four cats, Katie, Zach, Alex and Allison. I only briefly glanced through the pictures to identify them, but it was still enough to bring on a melancholy mood. I miss those cats, especially Zach and Katie (our first two, and the first two pets I’d owned outside of my parents). They’d be about 12 now, if they’re still around. Last I knew they were at The Ex’s mother’s place, and were indoor/outdoor cats, something we never allowed them to be when we had them.

There were pictures of all four cats right after we’d given them baths, looking all bedraggled and pitiful. Pictures of The Ex with them as kittens lying around him. Pictures of me with them. Pictures of them in two of our apartments.

Lots of memories, both good and bad.

I’m glad that was the last big box, I don’t know that I could’ve handled stumbling on any more of that kind of thing right now.

25 April, 2006

Pleasantly Tired

Category: Food,Law,Running,Triathlon — Moose @ 10:09 pm

Didn’t run this morning, but did run this evening, same long loop I did on Sunday (since I’l really supposed to be doing Very Long Loops at this point in training). Will attempt an hour on the bike in the morning if it’s not too cold/nasty tomorrow morning. Otherwise, long swim instead.

Work was in one of those “everything is flowing as it should” rare moods this morning, knocked out two long time problems, then lunch arrived and all my mojo went out the window. Oh well, at least I killed two projects before it fizzled.

Trying to start finalizing plans for race nutrition and the like, pick up those last things I need to get (um, wetsuit?) and make sure I can stomach the food I want to have on the bike and run. Gotta plan this stuff out in order not to kill yourself in the race, so I’m trying to ensure I have a plan and that it’ll work.

Skipped out of the board meeting early tonight (yes, the cult co-op had a board meeting the day after a membership meeting) because I was too hungry, post-run. Dinner was good, some fake sausage, light salad, hummus. This was about an hour after the run, and I had already had a recovery drink and a protein shake before that. Food is good, and good fuel is better.

24 April, 2006

Being Involved

Category: Exercise,Home,Neighbors,Sleep — Moose @ 11:43 pm

Just got out a psuedo contentious meeting of the membership of the cult co-op. We were amending the bylaws, and we just left the meeting room at 11:30, after starting at 8.

This is why I stopped doing city government stuff; I couldn’t take the long meetings late into the night.

It will probably totally kill my chances of being awake enough to run in the morning tomorrow, but we’ll see how that goes. Grrr.

23 April, 2006

Weekend Update

Category: Home,Running,Sex,Stuff — Moose @ 11:05 pm

I was out running this morning, about 20 minutes or so in, was rounding one of the three corners around Hains Point, running on the grass, when I passed under some of the many cherry trees there. It was misting lightly, and some last few hardy blossoms were coming down in the rain, falling nicely across the path. Very pretty, very zen, very cool. And then one of the petals found its way into my mouth.

Nothing like spitting out cherry blossom to ruin a mood.

The good run (an hour, no calf pain!) was had despite sleeping in late, having been out late last night tricking. Tried water sports successfully for the first time (had an abortive attempt once before) and I have to say it did absolutely nothing for me. One set of initials checked off the list and in the ‘nah, don’t need to do that any more’ column. Along with that I also fisted the guy, and again I don’t think it does much for me. Is interesting in an itellectual sense (anatomy, displacement, etc.), and a sensual sense (control, texture, etc.), but it’s just not a very sexual act to me, in the sense of turning me on, because it just doesn’t. I won’t rule it out if a partner’s really into it, but I just need to realize that it’s silly to seek it out because it’s just ‘blah’ on the continuum of turn-ons for me.

Other than that I shopped, a lot (Homo Depot, Target, Pearson’s liquors), got a lot of things for the house, and generally got my money’s worth out of the rental car I had for the weekend. Have a fresh case of wine, replenished the liquor cabinet, got the aforementioned kitchen sink aerator, and got rid of 99% of the stuff that was left at the old place. Still have to haul off the old Kirby vacuum cleaner, and get my flour and stuff, but the big stuff that was being donated is now gone, which I’m sure Richard is glad of.

Home Repairs Are Scary

Category: Home,Stuff — Moose @ 10:35 pm

I just performed my first home repair: I changed out the aerator on the kitchen sink. The previous owner had some sort of water filtration system hooked up at some point, which was long since defunct. The aerator and attachment were still there, however, so I wanted to change it out for something a tad less decrepit looking. So, off to Homo Depot this weekend to get that and a few other things for the house.

Well, just found my plyers this evening, so I ripped off the old aerator and I was appalled at the amount of crud built up inside the old one. No wonder I was getting crap for water pressure in the kitchen, nothing could get out amongst all the gunk that was built up in the aerator! Yuck, yuck, yuck. Had to go run off and grab my old toothbrush (that I use for scrubbing small spaces) and clean the thing off thoroughly to get all the crud off the thing before I could put the new one on. Thankfully it all came off quickly, and the new aerator screwed on pretty easily.

Not bad for a first repair, but yuck on all the crud that was discovered.

21 April, 2006

Oooh, Fancy

Category: Biking,Exercise,Geek,Health,Running,Stuff — Moose @ 8:26 am

Is it bad that I bought a bicycling helmet that was fancy expensive enough to come with its own carrying case? Needed Wanted a new helmet for racing & to train on the tri bike, plus I needed beaucoup hydration equipment (read: I left all my water bottles at the old place), so it was off to the bike shop yesterday evening on the way to the club happy hour to pick up a few things. Was a successful trip, getting their last between-the-aero-bars water bottle, the helmet and a couple regular water bottles. Did forget to pick up arm warmers, but hopefully they won’t be needed any time in the near future.

Ran this morning, another successful run with no calf pain. Went out the same way, along the marina and up to L’Enfant Promenade to zip across the Case bridge, but this time I popped down into the park and ran around the Washington Channel and back that way, so a more varied loop than Monday’s run, and about a 1/3 of a mile or so longer. A lot of concrete out there, which is going to take some getting used to.

I set my old roomba loose on the floors this morning (since I’ve yet to swiffer them *whistles innocently*), and it seems to be running just fine. It didn’t like the old place, but I suspect we had too many obstacles set up for it to run well. Now that most boxes are out of the way, and I have no carpets down yet, it seems to be happily bumping it’s way through the bedroom, sucking up dirt. Let’s hope it helps with some of this dust that’s all over the floors.

I’ve determined that I’m never going to be a good gamer. I’ve not picked up the DS but once or twice since I’ve been here, and that was to place Advance Wars or Sonic Rush. I don’t think I’ve been to Animal Crossing in a couple weeks now; all my ‘neighbors’ will have run away and the place will be overgrown with weeds again. Ah well.

20 April, 2006

Strays & Commuting

Category: Biking,Health,Home — Moose @ 9:55 am

Nothing quite like having your hair stylist ask if you want to have her trim your eyebrows. This after a morning spent plucking the odd long hairs out of my ears. Ah, the joys of aging.

In happier news, I biked a couple loops around Hains Point this morning on the tri bike, nice 40 minute ride (seriously, seriously have to get more water bottles and soon). After getting ready I decided it was time to try biking into work. Commute time, door to door: 10 minutes. 7:40 of that was actually riding (1.3 miles), the rest was getting down in the elevator, locking up the bike and getting up to my office.

It’s hard not to gloat about a 10 minute commute. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m gloating. Full-on, doing the happy Snoopy dance gloating. Gloating with my shaggy eyebrows.

19 April, 2006


Category: Exercise,Food,Health,Home,Running,Stuff,Swimming — Moose @ 10:05 pm

Having food at home is a good thing. Cooked yesterday (just some frozen pasta & sauce) for the first time, and made a good salad this evening. Starting to feel like home, finally, with some food in the fridge & cabinet (and my belly).

Work’s been odd this week, with absolutely no one in the office on Monday when I got in, which is really, really bizarre as I’m usually the very last person to get there in the morning. Easter Monday, go fig. And otherwise it’s just been a strange mix of busy and not-busy. And of course the last place I want to be is at work, preferring to be at home getting things together. Whee.

Calf is still okay, so I’m hopeful it’ll be okay when I run tomorrow or Friday (haven’t decided if I want to run or bike tomorrow). Swam this evening, pretty good swim, and not too busy in the pool, which was a pleasant change from the mornings. I still want to check out the two closer pools, but if an evening swim would be less crowded, that might be a better option (since I do like the YWCA facility overall).

17 April, 2006

Running and Walking in the Rain

Category: Home,Running,Triathlon — Moose @ 7:57 am

Took my first run in the new place this morning, my first run in about two weeks. I was a tad nervous – the reason I’d not been running was because of chronic calf strain so had taken the time off to let it heal up. I had originally planned to bike this morning, but it’s a tad cool out, I didn’t feel like bundling up for a bike ride, and with the on-and-off rain we’re getting here it was easier to just throw on running clothes and get going.

Ran down to the waterfront, along the marina, up to L’Enfant Promenade and across the Case Bridge (aka the 12th Street Bridge). Made it to the other side of the bridge and was over East Potomac Park, but turned around there (at 15 minutes in) and didn’t enter the park itself. The run was nice, my calf is feeling okay thus far, and I stretched it thoroughly after I got back. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, since I am supposed to do this little 1/2 ironman race in less than two months, and not being able to run would be a slight impediment to that goal.

This is my first day back at work after the move, so I get to see what the commute to work is like. I’m walking, even in the rain, so it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes, especially after I just ran most of the route I’ll take to work. I sense somehow that I’ll manage to bike up there more often than not, just because I’m too impatient to deal with the walking pace. But not this morning; this morning I walk.