30 March, 2011


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Didn’t run this morning, so I ran this evening after picking up the dry cleaning. Am reminded why I don’t run in the evenings on a normal basis – it makes me far, far too hungry for dinner/late night food (he said, as he began devouring a 2nd helping of steamed dumplings). At least I’m getting back to training, which is the important part. Now if it would just warm up enough to bike outside. Phhhbbbttt! Not where I thought I would be at this point in the season, but I’ll get through the first race.

Have a couple more inches to knit on the sweater, then I get to attach the two sides of the shoulders, then it’s cutting the steeks and knitting the trim. Sooooo close. Would have been good to have done this week as it’s been a trifle chilly, but I’m just happy that I’m close now.

Trying to readjust the sleep schedule to a consistent 5:30 wake up. I’m close, but not quite there. Another reason to just stay on “summer time” (as the Brits call it) all year round – none of this stupid adjusting things 2x a year. Hoping the adjustment to a consistent sleep schedule will aid with the workout schedule. It should. In theory.

In the meantime I’ve been reading Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes; it’s a slightly appalling, very well written, very dense account of the history of scientific research on diet and metabolism in this country. The politics and misinformation involved are more than a bit scary. Food politics just seem to be some of the worst, mostly because of the crazy lobbying by food lobbies.

24 March, 2011

On da brain

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Lots of things on the brain of late, but no time to put things down to writing. Work’s swamped, GAO inquiries, field offices using new institutional avenues to try to drive advice (which will backfire – annoy me and I’m not willing to bend over to find ways to be helpful, wretches), the possibility of a lapse in appropriations, the Office of Minutiae and Backlogs (OMB) driving us nuts with data calls, drafting assistance for the Hill, etc. Too busy, not enough time. And I have homework for next month’s coaching class. Not to mention the sweater knitting class which is formally done, but none of us have finished our sweaters. I think I’m going to recommend that she make it every other week for 4 sessions. It is, after all, a lot more knitting than most of us are used to.

But, yeah, overstuffed. And that’s part of what I want to write about, but only once I have time. Maybe soon. Maybe not.

8 March, 2011

Slowly, slowly

Category: Exercise,Knitting,Work — Moose @ 10:48 pm

Work has calmed down slightly, but is still a bit crazy. Did go down enough to allow the ulcer to finally heal up. Other than that I’ve been knitting like mad. Tonight was class #2 of the sweater knitting class I’m taking over at Stitch. So far so good. Was a little behind this week, but no worries, will be caught up enough to make the “steeks” next week (the spaces for the arm holes and the neck hole, so the stripes can continue across evenly). Carrying the yarn turned out to be surprisingly easy, which was nice to find out. So, new skill #1 learned successfully.

Still not back to an exercise routine, and I’m 2 months out from Columbia. Eeck! Just trying to get up in the morning right now is the struggle. Once I get it started it shouldn’t be hard to stick back with, but it’s the whole push into it that’s been difficult. And I’m sure the time change will help with that. Not. Diet hasn’t been bad, so I just need to push myself to get up and just start already.