30 July, 2007

Settling In

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Still letting this weekend’s talk settle in. Had lots of communications back and forth in various forms with BC, which has been good. He’s easy to talk with, and we’re both still in that pleasant stage of “wow” at the moment.

Work was pretty much all spent reading over the conference report for a major bill. 410 pages. I read it on the screen rather than printing it out, and I had one killer headache by the time I finished up around five. Tomorrow it’s explaining the various policy decisions that senior leadership have to make on a section of law we’re implementing, so it’s suit time. Yuck. I mean, I like how I look in suits, but I hate wearing ties with a passion. They always make me feel like I’m being strangled, even with a decently fitting collar.

Forty more days until the half iron, and I’m feeling a bit underprepared. I know I can do the distances in all three sports, it’s the combo that’s the key. Hopefully the club’s doing a brick this weekend so I can get in another of those workouts. I feel like I’ve been slacking too much, but that’s as it will be. Definitely going to focus on fewer races next year, but for now, I just want to get through the next two big races.

29 July, 2007

The Talk

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So, BC and I had a talk yesterday.

Earlier in the week I had sent him an email telling him that as we’ve been dating now for almost three months I thought it might be a good idea to sit down and talk about our shared expectations about where the relationship was heading. He agreed, and so we decided we’d sit down on Saturday and have A Talk.

The day got going a bit late for both of us, him with a run in the morning and me with a bike ride with a friend, so we didn’t manage to get together until late afternoon. He came over, and we chatted casually for a bit, while we both seemed to work up the courage to start discussing what we were looking for. Finally I took the plunge.

I discussed some of what my relationship model has been for the past not-quite-a-decade since I moved into DC in 1999, how I’ve consciously sought open relationships, and how that was important to me. Then I looked him in the eye and told him I wanted to date him, and only him, and to have sex with him, and only him, at least on my side of things, if that was something to which he was amenable.

To say that he was surprised would be an understatement of immense proportions; shocked would be a good way to express his first reaction. That was what he had wanted as well, but he had been steeling himself for most of the week to hear something else, given my normal relationship model (we’d had some previous conversations about dating in the past). So when I told him that I wanted a monogamous relationship, though not in those words, it wasn’t what he’d prepped himself to hear.

Many hugs and a lot of silly grins and cuddling followed. We managed not to cry, barely, which was good (though tears wouldn’t have been inappropriate, I suppose). This is a big thing, and a big change, but it’s where I am now. I’m still just amazed at how right this has been, and how well we’ve meshed, physically and socially. I did warn him that people were going to wonder what he’s done to me, since this is very out of character for me since being in DC. He assured me he could handle it.

So, monogamy, then, for the first time in quite a long time. I’m ready for it, and looking forward to it.

26 July, 2007

Out with old friends

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The Nerd Herd from my last job gathered this evening, because one of us is getting married and moving to Peoria (!!!). It was nice to hang out with folks who know so much about each other, and who can discuss their own and each others’ love lives (and our parents’ love lives!) in a frank and humorous way. I think the parent stories were the best. We all agreed that with parents like ours we can all look forward to long and successful sex lives.

Movie Night

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BC: So, what should we watch?
Me: Ooh, I know, let’s watch Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy!
BC: *skeptical look* You know, I usually require that the movies I watch have stars in them…
Me: But, but, it’s got a star in it! Jane Fonda’s in it!

23 July, 2007

Cooking, Newbies, Recovery

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It’s dangerous being home with a new(ish) cookbook, a lot of time, and the desire to cook something. I think I went a little nuts about dinner for BC tomorrow. Tomato salad’s done and marinating overnight, and there’s a coffee granita in the freezer and chocolate espresso balls in the fridge. The entree is fairly simple to put together tomorrow night over pasta. Should be a good meal, though I am disappointed my oven’s not reliable enough to bake bread or I’d have done that, too.

So, why home? Because my newbies ran their goal race yesterday up in NJ, and I wanted the extra day for recovery from traveling. It was a fantastic time, everyone finished, and we continued the tradition from last year of one of ours being the last finisher on the course, with yours truly meeting them on the other side of the finish line with their medal.

Glad I took the extra recovery day, it was nice not to have to get up at o-dark-thirty this morning, as I had the previous two days, nice to get in a long run on a Monday, and nice to get out to the grocery store while it was still relatively quiet. Should’ve gone swimming, too, but one can’t do everything. Started the write up for the ride the previous weekend, but not done yet. Have to get that up this week, but not tonight. For now it’s off to bed so I can ride in the morning.

17 July, 2007

Food & Friends Pics

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Photos from this weekend’s ride. I’ll get more details up later.

12 July, 2007

Outta Town

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Headed out here shortly for the Food & Friends ride. I’ll be without ‘net or email, so will catch up with everyone later (will have the phone & text messaging). Have a great weekend, y’all.

11 July, 2007


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I can’t stop thinking about him.

We spent almost the entire weekend together. We hung out with friends. We crashed at someone’s house. We went to breakfast at 1 pm. We went to the movies. We cuddled. We explored each other.

I turned down an offer from another hot guy tonight. I couldn’t imagine not being with him.

I’m obsessed. And I get to see him tomorrow, maybe, then not at all for at least a week.

This is so odd for me. I get into someone, but not this into someone. Not to the exclusion of all others. This is Mr. Polyamory. This is the guy who can’t seem to settle down. This is someone who’s defined by the spectacular failure of the first long-term monogamous relationship. Who doesn’t settle. And yet I can’t stop thinking about him.

Hell, I watch pr0n and my first though now is, “I’d like to be doing that with him.”

It’s unnatural.

And I love it.

7 July, 2007

Thank you!!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have helped me raise $2,195 (so far) for Food & Friends. I’ve now managed to exceed my fundraising goal thanks to these generous contributors:



Mom & Dad
Dave B

Thank you very much!!!

Bay Swim, Bike Prep, Supervisor (Not!)

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Practice swim with my newbies this morning and two local coaches. Headed out to Sandy Point early to get in the swim before it got too hot. We swam, off and on, for about an hour, practicing swimming in the swells and going around the buoys set out to mark off the swimming area. It was very helpful to get out there, and I’m glad we do this.

This was the first time I’d hauled out the wet suit since last year. I was a bit worried
about getting into it, since it had been a little over a year since I’d used it. It fit just fine, no worries there. Whew. It was warm out – the wet suit wasn’t strictly necessary (borderline water temps for using it), but I wanted the practice in it. In the water it was fine, it was standing around listening to the coach that was warm.

Got the drink bracket installed on the bike this afternoon. That definitely makes it a lot easier to mount the water bottle on the bike (much, much easier than the rubber bands – well worth the $10). I’m hopeful this’ll encourage me to drink more water while out riding.

Mostly recovered from the work week as ‘acting supervisor.’ It was relatively quiet, and I’m glad nothing big was needed. I think it cemented quite firmly that I’m not quite ready to be a supervisor. I’m a specialist, I do my job relatively well, and I’m not ready to start herding other cats. At least, though, we know I can do it if needed when my team leader needs to go out of town.

Off to a party with BC this afternoon, then another long ride tomorrow to try out the water bottle before next week. I should run at some point, too, but I suspect that’ll be on hold until after the Food & Friends ride.