30 October, 2007

Upgraded II

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Okay, it worked again here, too.

The cross-posting to LJ worked fairly well, though I’m not keen on the fact that I have to go in and manually change the LJ icon on the post rather than doing it through the plug-in; that was a definite plus to Live+Press. It’s a shame the writer of Live+Press didn’t keep up his work.

But now I’m all upgraded, and with less trouble than I thought I’d have. Now it’s time to play with other plug-ins.

Going Down

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Going to try and upgrade my install of WordPress here finally. It’s possible I’ll break a thing or two while in the process, but will try to get up and running as soon as possible.


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As I said, we carved pumpkins this weekend, and I actually took pictures for once.

29 October, 2007

Suited, Weekend, Humbug

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I’m helping another staff with interviews they’re doing for a position which will have a focus on the type of law that I do, so today I wore a suit so I’d look presentable for the interview. My boss walked into the office early in the morning and asked why I was in a suit (I normally don’t even bother with a tie). “Oh, I have an interview,” I replied. Her eyes got really, really big. “You know, I’m helping [the other office] with vetting and there’s an interview today,” I continued. She was quite relieved to hear that. And then accused me of being cheeky, which I suppose I was. But one does have to have some fun with the boss on occasion, no?

Short run this morning. First morning I’ve needed to haul out cold weather gear (tights, gloves, heavier top layer). Very short run, less than two miles, about twenty minutes, focusing on keeping the heart rate down rather than pace (though I do glance at the pace thing from time to time).

Fantastic weekend with BC. Went out drinking with he and Brian and Mikey on Friday, made risotto for dinner Saturday, home fries and tofu scramble for brunch Sunday, carved pumpkins with his family on Sunday afternoon. Lots of good food, lots of fun. ‘Twas nice to spend the entirety of the weekend with him, with no real plans to have to go or be anywhere if we didn’t want to. Very good time.

I have to get to serious cleaning this week in anticipation of the weekend after next. More a matter of putting things away than anything else, but it’s a necessity if I’m to have folks in here. And laundry must be done, and done soon. Had planned on it tonight, but didn’t have the energy for it, especially after zipping up to check on the cats at Richard’s place (thank heavens I have the mini for such trips now). Tomorrow or Wednesday, then. No plans to go out on Halloween, not for lack of an invite or two, just for lack of motivation to get all dressed up. I couldn’t care less about costuming, and there won’t be trick or treaters in the high rise. All my candy is at work anyway.

Looks like my site it down, so I’m going to leave this up on the laptop and try to post it in the morning. At least the building turned the heat on three days earlier than they planned to (I hope they got the new valves in!), so it’s not frigid in here tonight.

24 October, 2007

Oh, Yeah

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And let me just say thank heavens this storm front has rolled into DC finally. First, we need the rain, and second, it’s only 11:45ish and it’s already below 70 in my apartment tonight, meaning I’ll actually be able to sleep well.

It’s welcome to keep raining for the next two days as they’re predicting, too. We need more than that, but it’s a good start, no matter the mess it’s going to make of the commutes.

Stretching My Skills

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Lotsa cooking this evening. At least, a lot for me of late. Whipped up some sauteed spinach with toasted pine nuts and garlic as a side dish, and then made taters and tofu with a miso gravy for the main course. The main recipe came out of Vegan with a Vengeance, and it was pretty darned good. Had to make a couple of tweaks, of course – the grocery store only had 3 nasty shallots, so no shallots, and the miso was almost out so I estimate I used closer to 3.5-4 tablespoons instead of three (why leave 1/2 a tablespoon in the container?). All in all a good dinner, and I’ll have a great lunch tomorrow at work, too.

Work was catching up after the time off. Lots of email to catch up on Surprisingly, no voice mails, but that’s a good thing (I despise voice mail – especially since our phones don’t give you a visual clue that you have voice mail).

I blame Julie, but I’ve been wanting to cook more of late, and to stretch myself on my cooking skills. I’m an okay cook, but I know there’s more I could be doing. To that end I’ve picked up the Veganomicon yesterday. It’s the same authors as Vegan with a Vengeance (well, one of the same authors), and I’ve tried other recipes of theirs with good results. the book’s a good entree to vegan cuisine and a variety of cooking techniques. I’m halfway tempted to do what Julie did, go through the entire cookbook and cook every single recipe. It would be good practice, and a good stretch. Not sure if I’m quite up to an undertaking like that yet. It would help if I had a working oven first.

And BC would have to spend much, much more time at the apartment. I can’t eat all this food by myself, even doing leftovers. That and I’d have to actually (*gasp*) have people over to eat.

It is awfully tempting, though.

23 October, 2007

Overly Warm for October

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I like warm weather. I really do. But I like warm weather with air conditioning, if I’ve been acclimated to AC, as I have been the past few years (I survived the subtropics in Taiwan without it). And I have no AC at the moment because the weather is supposed to have broken by now, the cold front hovering over West-by-God-Virginia is supposed to have rolled over by now, and it’s supposed to be cooler than 76 degrees inside my apartment. Pig fucker weather systems.

This is, as you can see, making me testy.

BC and I just got back from 30 Days of Night. Wow. Perhaps it was because we’d gone to Zatinya and each had 2 glasses of wine with dinner and a glass of port as dessert, but that was, um, well, cheesy. And unnecessarily silly. And filled with far too many opportunities to whisper snarky comments in his ear. Not as many as, say, Dragon War, but still. I was left tapping my fingers and wondering when they’d just kill off the people already so I could go home to my overly warm apartment and attempt to sleep.

Annual physical was this morning. BP’s good (105/70?), resting heart rate was good, lungs, clear, etc. All the blood work should come back at the end of the week or beginning of next week. Got a tetanus booster since I couldn’t remember my last one and they had no record of having one at their practice. So far the arm’s not sore, but we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Back to work tomorrow after 2.5 days off, so will be email heck to catch up with. I’m sort of ready for it. At least I have massive amounts of candy to carry in for the office, so for that alone I’ll be popular.

22 October, 2007

Going Home/Mixed Blessing

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That was an interesting trip ‘home.’ I went down to Tidewater this weekend to see my parents, and my grandparents, and help my brother and his family move their stuff out of their old apartment. Oh, and pick up Mom & Dad’s Cooper Mini to drive back to DC ‘on loan’ from the parental units.

The parents were chipper (though I despair of Mom’s occasional racist outburst – they’re couched in code, but I know what they are. Ugh). My brother was doing much better. At one point I rubbed his fuzzy little head (he’d shaved his head before the latest bout of madness – a sure sign he’s about to go over the deep end – and it’s just growing back) and told him I’d never be able to take him to a bear bar because they’d just keep rubbing the fuzz there. Thankfully he’s quite cool with the queer thing, and wouldn’t freak out at it.

Did not see the oldest niece, but did see the younger two. The youngest was much, much more animated than the last time I was down, which was right after she’d had some eye surgery. The middle one is a trip and a half. Will babble like crazy at you, making no sense (that we can tell), but as long as you are attentive, she’s happy. Must be nice to be 19 months old that way.

The grandparents were, well, a bit sad to see. Granddaddy has terrible balance now, and is starting to lose his hearing. Grandmother’s balance is better, but still a trifle shaky. And thank heavens I’m thin or I’d have been hearing ‘fat’ comments all afternoon like my brother got an earful of. But not within Mom’s earshot – she’s let her father know she does not appreciate such comments and that he needs to quit it, in no uncertain terms. Saw many recent pictures of cousins and their kids, and was greatly saddened that they all seem to be, well, fat. Or at least on the pudgy side of average. One aunt is just plain morbidly obese. Oy. And the family wonders why I do triathlons.

Oh, and in among the pictures was one of the president and first lady. Evidently the grandparents sent his campaign money. I still wore my earrings down there, though.

And appropos of nothing, there was absolutely no cell signal to be had down there. I started feeling like the little geek god from American Gods when they were in the nowhere place.

Traded in my DS for a DS Lite while down there (among other spending) and gave the DS to Dad. He’s had this Brain Age game for a bit, and could only use it when the eldest niece came over with her DS, so now he’s good to go. He also got some vision training game for it when I was getting the Lite (or, rather, I got it for him, though he picked it out). The reviews were right – the Lite’s screen is much nicer, though I’m not completely sold on the feel of the thing yet. The rumble pack sticks out of the front of the Lite, where it was completely inside the DS, and it’s not as comfortable to hold the sides while playing Metroid Prime Pinball as it was on the DS. I suppose I’ll get used to it.

I always forget how much driving is involved with being down there. Driving to stores, driving to restaurants, driving to grocery shopping, etc. I’m so spoiled here in DC, with a bus and rail system that, for all its faults, is pretty good at getting me (and others) around.
The drive back was uneventful. The mini’s a manual transmission, but does have cruise control, so most of the trip was spent with that on. Unlike driving back on a Sunday, traffic was pretty light, and I was able to actually spend most of the trip in the right lane, cruising along without being in other cars’ way, and vice versa. Only when we got into Richmond proper, and on the approach to DC, did I really have to take off the cruise control and dodge folks.

It’s going to be interesting having a car at my disposal again. I have an assigned parking space in one of our lots, so it’s off the street, and I’m supposed to pick up a cover from friends soon so I can keep it cleaner. It does have South Dakota tags, but the handicapped tags (Mom qualifies) were not in yet, so Dad’s going to send them to me later to switch out the plates. Shouldn’t run into problems with DC fussing at me for not registering the car here since it’ll be off-street and so not in the regular view of parking enforcement types. There are a couple maintenance issues which will crop up soon, two things that are going to need replacing/repairing, for which I have estimates, but which are not immediately needed. Otherwise everything which needed to be done to it has been repaired by Dad in anticipation of the trip to DC. Oh, and Dad prefers to put premium gas in it, so there’s that expense as well. But at 30 or so miles to the gallon, that’s not overly burdensome I suppose.

So it’s a mixed blessing, as most cars are. But I’m glad to have it.

17 October, 2007

Screaming Emails

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I never, ever send screaming emails (you know, emails with all capital letters), as I consider them fairly rude. However, I just sent one to a member of the BGA’s external relations staff.

And not just all caps, but part of it was bolded and underlined. I was a little miffed.

This person persisted in repeating a legal falacy which I spent a good deal of time refuting in a conference call with Hill staff a couple weeks ago. A meeting this person attended, and at which this person evidently zoned out completely.

This has amused some of my co-workers to no end.

I swear, I’m going to hang a picture of the head of the BGA in each external relations staffer’s office just to remind them who they work for – the head of the BGA, not the Hill. Regardless of how happy they want to make the Hill members and staff, at the end of the day they work for the BGA head, and they need to keep that in mind as they talk to the Hill.


16 October, 2007

Trying to Get Back Into It

Category: Exercise,Mood,Motivation,Racing — Moose @ 10:27 pm

Burnt out. I think that’s about the only way to describe this past month. After I did the half ironman last month I just quit. I haven’t exercised seriously in that time, running only a handful of times, and biking the same. I think I’ve gone swimming once. The half just sapped that much out of me.

And it’s my own fault, I wasn’t nearly as well trained as I should have been, and my nutrition was sorely lacking. All of this meant that the race took too much out of me. I probably should have bonked, looking back on it, but forced the finish by willpower. Not an experience I want to go through again, and I’ve gone over what I was and was not doing nutrition-wise (a workshop the club held last month was a help with that), so that shouldn’t be an issue again.

Anyway, the lack of exercise motivation has been one symptom, but there’s been a more general lack of focus and motivation as well. Which is not exactly the best thing for trying to do, say, work. Or anything else important.

I’ve managed to shift my schedule back to a night owl one, which was my default before I ever started exercising. When I am exercising regularly I’m a bit more of a morning person, at least I’m able to get up and run or bike regularly in the morning when I’m doing so normally. Haven’t felt like switching my schedule yet, so just been coasting along with things.

Went to a class on core training with the club this evening. It was good to get out and get some more instruction, and I’m feeling like it might be the right time to get back to doing more. Thought I was going to get back into stuff at the end of September, but I was still too wiped out. Hopefully I’ll get back into it – I know once I get started it’ll be easy to get back into the groove, but I need to get started.