27 January, 2006

Planning Recommendation

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Okay, I admit it, I’m in over my head here with this stuff. Anyone know of any good financial planners here in DC that they’d recommend to me?


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I find myself wary of crossing streets. Go fig. Actually, I find myself wanting to have a large mace or sledge hammer prominently held in hand with which to threaten errant drivers (and just think of the weight lifting benefits of hauling one around!), but I don’t suppose that’s practical in this day and age.

I also find it sad that “a good night out drinking” is having two glasses of wine before dinner and being happy I don’t have a hangover (even if my nose is a little sniffly from the lovely Steele zinfandel I was sipping).

I’m currently talking to a realtor about co-ops/condos down in the SW Waterfront area of DC. I like the concept of owning, and the tax benefits therefrom, but the whole house hunting part is just nerve wracking & stomach churning, and this after all I’ve done is skim listings online & fill out some basic loan information. Oy. This being an adult thing can be difficult.

25 January, 2006

Trying to Mellow

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Got hit with a big nasty right before I left work. Won’t go into details (not that I ever do, with work), but I actually brought work home tonight.

Yes, I’m as shocked as you are, gentle reader.

Thankfully this isn’t the norm for my job or I’d have to kill someone seriously consider other employment.

I see the physical therapist tomorrow. Have to have her run off a new copy of the exercises I’m to do as the original three sheets (6 per sheet) were a casualty of the exploding shampoo bottle (and did I mention that my gym bag smells of orange candy now? It does. The joys of using kids shampoo to get the chlorine out of my hair). Also checking on the progress of all the gut-sucking transverse ab work she’s had me doing.

Been having too much caffeine of late, which has left me somewhat restless & anxious. The fire alarm here in the building (something was going on, fire trucks showed up, though we did not evacuate) right at 10 p.m. was not a help, either. Stayed up a bit longer to make sure we didn’t need to herd the cats into carriers and head out, hence the writing, but it appears we’re in the clear. In the meantime I’m listening to my “mellow” song list in iTunes and trying to put myself in the mood to sleep.

The Uberlist is down to the last 20 or so items, which is always the most difficult part to me. The big stuff is on there, now it’s little things that might or might not need to go on a list. I think the uberlist idea might need to cut back by half or so or I’m not going to be able to get anywhere near finishing most items on it. While I love the concept, the sheer volume of things is a tad much to come up with.

23 January, 2006

Who ya gonna call?

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Got up, went to pack my gym bag, and discovered that at some point in the night one of the “slimer” ghosts from the Ghostbusters movies had visited the bottom of my bag. Thankfully there wasn’t much in there for the shampoo that leaked to get all over, so it was just a matter of cleaning a few things (though the toiletry kit bag is ruined) and getting the majority of the gunk out, with the major cleaning to come this evening, post-gym.

How prescient that I’d added “get a new toiletry kit bag” to the uberlist last night…

20 January, 2006


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LJ’s security flaws managed a mention on the Washington Post’s security blog today. I remember seeing at least one friend’s account get caught by these folks, but it’s interesting that the MSM has picked up on it now.

The Cats’ Dream

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I think that there are few things more spectacular first thing in the morning than going to pour food into the cats’ bowl and having the lid of the full-to-the-brim container of cat food fall off.

18 January, 2006

PT Begins

Category: Exercise,Health — Moose @ 3:54 pm

Saw my new physical therapy person this morning. The verdict: more strength training, more strength training, more strength training. Whee.

Did I mention that I find strength training incredibly dull? Thought so. I guess I have to get over that, and fast. She’s given me a whole regimen of things to get my butt back in the gym to accomplish. <insert grunting noise here>

Oh, and she ultrasounded the knee just to check it and make sure all was good (so I escaped getting X-rayed last week, but got ultrasounded this week), and to give her a comparison to make sure it was healing properly when she checks it next week. The knee had developed a lovely bruise where I got tapped, but is otherwise still fine. She also switched the schedule (which had been 2x/week for 4 weeks) to today, this time next week, and then in 2 weeks after that, which is, I think, more reasonable than the original schedule, and more useful for what I need now, which is to measure progress.

Was still nice to come into work late today, though.

I think, now that more residents have moved into the area around my gym, that we’re going to have to put some pressure on them to keep the gym open on holidays rather than closing for the federal holidays like they do now. That made some sense when most of their business was from federal workers in the, at the time, mostly office complex area they inhabited, but with more residents moving in, it doesn’t make any sense to have the gym closed on holidays, seeing as how those are prime times to be able to get to the gym. I can understand closing for Christmas and Easter (it is the YWCA after all), but not for the other federal holidays.

Otherwise things continue to percolate along as normal. No real rants, no real shout outs.

15 January, 2006

Knee, Training

Category: Biking,Exercise,Relationships,Triathlon — Moose @ 4:02 pm

The knee’s fine. The little ligament that runs down the inside of it is still mildly sore to the touch (technically a ‘sprain’), but with no pain, I’m cleared to exercise. So I’ve done that (exercise), with two spinning workouts on my tri bike this weekend (yay for spinning DVDs to keep one focused).

The new triathlete program for the tri club is coming along well. First meeting is next weekend, got the space lined up, hopefully have the intro workouts set for them, and we’re just waiting to hear from a race director about the first race for the two groups (sprint and olympic). Let’s hope it all goes this smoothly.

My own training has been semi-spotty; I’ve not been on the schedule as much as I’d have liked, but am getting back to it. Been running with a coworker on the treadmills at work, and that’s been fun. Is nice to run with someone else, and we’ve gotten to chat about a lot of work stuff (real work and gossip), which is always good. I’m still not thrilled that they don’t have towel service at the work gym, but the convience of not having to travel further than a few floors down and a corridor or two over is outweighing that little detail. For now.

The resolutioners haven’t quite disapeared from the pool yet, but the weeks are ticking down.

Seeing CT tonight, either shopping or a movie, not sure which. Food somewhere in there, too, I’m sure. Now that the weather’s dropped I get to wear my new jacket out (hooray for coupons from ye old credit card company) and hopefully not freeze my butt off. Alas, the March weather we had this past week died in the last couple days, with winds buffeting the scaffolding stuck on the outside of our building and driving us nuts whipping the ropes/cables against the windows new and old.

12 January, 2006

Knee Update

Category: Health — Moose @ 12:45 pm

The knee’s fine, other than a touch of soreness when I press on the side of it. I’m still going to see my orthopedist tomorrow morning before work (and since it’s a “motor vehicle accident” I have to pay up front and submit the paperwork to my insurance company myself – grrr) just to make sure it’s okay, but it’s fine otherwise.

No further calls on the cell from the shysters this morning, though.

Wherein he criticizes his chosen profession

Category: Law — Moose @ 11:21 am

I’ve gotten no less than 4 calls thus far this morning from shysters’ attorneys’ offices offering to represent me in a case against the gentleman who hit me last night. That’s just the one I picked up at home before I left and the THREE on my cell phone (lesson learned: never give your cell # to the cops for an official report, stick with the home number, since it appears said numbers are available to the public!!). So far. Who knows how many will be there at home when I get there tonight.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be against the DC bar’s ethics rules to do this (yes, I checked, and Rule 7.5 is far too lax on this issue in my view), so I can’t complain about them. Which is a shame, I was looking forward to reporting them all on ethics violations.