23 October, 2010

Essays, Aging, and Not Quite There

Category: Literature,Queer — Moose @ 1:09 am

I’m reading Andrew Holleran’s collection of essays, “Chronicle of a Plague, Revisited: AIDS and its Aftermath”. I’ve met (and dined with) Andrew a couple of times, and I can hear his voice pretty clearly in the writing. I also suspect I’m just barely old enough to have a real idea of what was going on in NYC in the 80s, though I’m not old enough to have been there. Having just finished Larry Kramer’s “Faggots” which, as any good satire should do, hit far too close to home on a number of occasions (as a late 30s, single gay man), it seemed a good transition into the period just after Larry’s work.

It’s not easy reading, however. Even making it through the introduction is likely to cause an emotional response in anyone who has or does know people who live with HIV. Andrew’s descriptions of living as someone without HIV, and not quite knowing what to do, are difficult. I can see where the impulse for Act Up came from. And I admit that I struggle between the idea of conforming, seeking acceptance in more mainstream society (even looking at the possibility of supervising), and going out to challenge those norms in more radical ways. It’s part of trying to see where it is that I belong, I suppose. And heaven knows I’m not quite there. Wherever there is.

20 October, 2010

Coming Along Nicely

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The ink is healing nicely, going through the slightly itchy stage as the scab does its thing. Not bad so far, and apparently no allergies to the ink.

Got the mortgage company on the phone yesterday, finally, and figured out what was up with their odd escrow payment record. They record the payment in the month they receive it, not when it was due, so if I pay “early” (before the first), the escrow is credited when they cash the check. Hence August showing two payments, and June showing none. Ugh. So I suppose I need to time my mailing of the checks so they get there consistently at the beginning of each month, rather than just sending them in when I get paid, so the escrow looks “normal”. Again, would be nice if they explained these things better up front.

I got an award at work, from the Head of the Big Gubm’nt Agency himself. Was kinda cool, and unexpected. Got a pretty clock & certificate for it, so I have stuff to show off in ye olde office, too. Always nice to get recognition for your work, especially when it’s coming from the head honcho.

Otherwise things are ticking along fairly well. New couch came in on Saturday, old couch went out about an hour later (thank you, Craigslist!). Very, very much enjoying having a ‘lounging’ couch again. Being able to sit back and read on the couch is so much nicer. I liked the old couch, but it was not loungeable. This is much better.

To celebrate it (and add some color to the black beast), I got it a pair of cushions:


They’re perfect, both for the space, and for me. Nice and geeky/gamery, and quite fun.

13 October, 2010


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Good thing my annual physical was before I got my latest “annual escrow account disclosure statement” from my mortgage servicing company, because it’s put my blood pressure through the roof (again). They’re showing two missed escrow payments, and one double payment, with the result that the spreadsheet I put together to track their nonsense now includes the fields “check number” and “when payment cleared the bank” so I’ll have that info in front of me when I call them tomorrow. Can’t wait for the explanation as to why they’re showing missed escrow payments when they had the funds in question 1-6 days before the payments were even due. They’ll probably tell me they couldn’t pay it because they didn’t know what to do with money that shows up on time. Ugh.

Otherwise the annual physical, 6 month dental checkup, periodic podiatrist visit, and dermatologist’s skin check yesterday showed me to be healthy as the proverbial horse. Cramming them all into one day is a lot of walking, but nicer on my leave balance. So, another year of fooling mother nature into thinking clean living will keep me going. To celebrate after the clean bills of health, I got a tattoo:

Actually, that was simply the last of five appointments I had yesterday, made over a month and a half ago, upon returning to DC after the Ironman. Convenient timing, with the planned day off. So far it’s healing well, a little sore today, but not itchy. I’m told day three can be fun, but so far I’m okay with this beast. Taking the picture was the hardest – it’s awkward to snap a photo of your own ankle/lower leg.