31 August, 2009

Once More Into the Breach

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Well, after trying this once before in 2008, and massively failing owing to plantar fasciitis and a spectacular break up, I’ve signed up for another Ironman race, this time in Louisville, Kentucky. On August 29, 2010, at 7:00 am sharp I’ll hit the Ohio river and hopefully sometime before midnight I’ll finish.

Still a little bit freaked out this evening, much as I was when I first signed up for Arizona. I know I can put in the work, and frankly after the injury I think I’m better able to focus on what I need to do to get through this. I’m signed up for one other race next year at the moment, the Eagleman 70.3 (that’s a half-Ironman), and I’m hoping to get into the Columbia triathlon for the third year in a row (registration opens Tuesday). That’ll be it for tris, and I might through in a road race or two as well. I haven’t sketched out the year’s full plan as yet, because I want to get through my last race in two weeks, the Nation’s Triathlon, first. Then I’ll fill in the gaps and set things in motion.

I’ll get through this one.

30 August, 2009


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I should do brick workouts more often, that was good practice.

Biked about 25.5 miles, then ran 6.5, with a dismal eleven and a half minute transition (in my defense I had to catch the elevator upstairs and completely changed clothes, but still). Perfect morning for it, started just before 8, was done right before 11. Garmin estimates I burned about 2,700 calories and I believe it at the moment! Trying to snarf an egg and cheese sandwich (homemade, not fast food). Body’s saying while I may have consumed some sweet stuff on the bike & run, now it needs salt, and lots of it.

Bike seemed to be quite happy that I cleaned the chain yesterday. Only took me how many years of owning the thing? Oy. Better late than never, but boy did it need it. Next, the mountain bike chain. Time to get the bike a full check out after the next race, I think the tires may need to be replaced soon, they’re looking a little cracked.

In the meantime, I think it may be time to get out and do some errands.

22 August, 2009


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As sometimes happens, I reached clutter saturation this week, so have been spending the day throwing stuff out and putting things away. It’s amazing how much junk accumulates.

Decided to just toss all the various back issues of magazines. I’m never going to read them, and I’ve been letting the various subscriptions lapse as it is, so I just need to get rid of this extra paper. I’m also thinking of finally dumping my subscription to the Sunday newspaper. I sometimes do read it, but more frequently than not it just sits until I put it in recycling. I feel kinda bad about it, I grew up with newspapers, delivered them for four years in high school, but it’s just not the way to get news any more.

New sock is going well. It’s a shame there’s not a bar in town where I could order a beer and flop down in a comfy chair to knit. LOL There’s only but so much coffee one can drink, or knitting one can do on Metro.

17 August, 2009

North East Triathlon 2009

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So, brief notes on the course:

Great swim conditions – flat, no waves. Too warm (85.4) for wetsuits, and no one in recent memory could remember ever being able to use one there. Buoys well placed to measure progress.

Bike was challenging, but not overwhelming – this wasn’t Columbia. Still hilly, but not bad.

Run was hot, hot, hot. Rolling hills, blazing sun with no shade, but plenty of aid stations. A shame they can’t move us across the road to run on the shady side of the street.

Personal notes:

Getting there early was sooooo worth it. Got parked, got set up early, got time to go to the port-a-johns a couple of times. So worth the earlier wake up for the lack of race stress. And in general, I wasn’t as stressed about this race this time. As I started to get some pre-race jitters Saturday, I looked in and said to myself, “You know, you’ve been doing this for 5 years now, you know what you’re doing, you’re going to be fine.”

Best swim ever. Well, aside from major, major chafing. And overdoing it, heart-rate wise. That said, I got my groove relatively early, with very little in the way of stopping to do side or breast stroke, and just powered through. Seeing those buoys slip by at a regular clip was nice. About halfway through I realized I had forgotten to put body glide on my arm and armpit, as I normally do for a pool swim, because the right arm area just got chafed to hell. I did a practice swim beforehand (a first for me), which helped with the comfort level. On the practice I was able to do bilateral breathing. On the real swim I ended up breathing just on my right side to keep my face out of the sun – the reason the right arm is chafed more than the left. I also pushed a bit too hard, because I was feeling pretty good, until I got out of the swim and realized I’d pushed my heart rate too high. Walked rather than ran the distance from the water to transition.

Started the bike with a seized up calf. When I went to mount up my left calf just screamed at me. Came back down (off to the side so I wasn’t in the way) and let it settle down before trying again. Did get back up on, and did ride pretty well, though I used some of the downhills to stretch out both calves, and spent a lot of time worrying if I was going to be able to run at all. Need to work on uphills – I crawl uphill, then fly downhill. Muscular endurance? Will have to check that out. Got tired of flying past people on downhills and flat only to get passed like I was standing still on the uphills. Also, they seemed to like Busch Lite out there because there were a lot of cans of it all over the less populated parts of the bike course (these are the things you notice while trying not to pay attention to how slow you’re going uphill).

Did manage to run – some bouncing up and down in transition after I switched shoes showed that it was going to be okay, so I zipped out on it. The course, as I noted above, was very, very hot. All in the sun (except the immediate start and finish). The aid stations were good (though I’m still glad I carry my own water bottle so I can sip at my own pace), and volunteers were fantastic. I got a cold washcloth early and put that on my neck, recharging it in the ice pools where drinking water was stored as I was able. I think that’s the only reason my neck isn’t as red as my shoulders (which aren’t bad, just a little red – and I did start with sunscreen on, but didn’t reapply in transition). Felt fantastic to have it on there, and to get more cool water on it. Walked most of the course because of the heat, came in running the last bit.

Total time: 3:40:17. Not my fastest (Columbia 2008), nor my slowest (Mooseman 2006). Did learn from the experience, and had a fun time challenging myself, which is why I do these things after all.

11 August, 2009

Stalker Cars

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I knew that CVS sold marketing data on you, but this is the first time I’ve gotten a freebie without having to do more than walk in the store and buy something using their discount information tracking card:
Stalker Cars

Good & Bad

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Good: Got a new, faster work blackberry today.
Bad: It’s still not fully activated.
Good: I don’t have to listen to it tonight.
Bad: I still brought work home.
Good: Picked up clean dress shirts from the dry cleaners.
Bad: Blew a bike tire while dropping off another load of dress shirts.
Good: I was close to home.
Bad: I don’t think the tubes I got for the bike fit closely enough, hence flat #2 in as many weeks (pinching).
Good: It’s cooler out than yesterday.
Better: The conditions are perfect for thunderstorms, which are currently on their way.

5 August, 2009

Happy Thoughts

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Is there anything better than a shower after biking home from a sushi dinner? Doesn’t seem like it right now.

Notes from the Run, 8/5/09

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Not a lot of wildlife out this morning.

Very grateful for the trash cans on Hains Point, so I can toss my empty gel packs immediately.

Had a cut on the side of my lip for about a week, couldn’t figure out what caused it. Wrong place for shaving, not a cold sore, just a little cut. It became evident this morning – sliced the side on an energy gel last week. Grrr.

Ran the entire distance this time. No shortcuts, no walking breaks, all run (6.48 miles). Felt good.

Forgot that the beepy-thingey cuts off after an hour. Was on the waterfront and wondering why it had gotten so quiet – beepy thingey had done its thing and shut down. Do think it’s a good aid, though, for keeping the legs moving at the same rhythm.

2 August, 2009

Sunday Morning Ride

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Two thoughts from from this morning’s bike ride:

1. Rain, rain, rain. But hey, at least the trail wasn’t crowded! Even before it rained, because I’d started at 7:30 (as opposed to 11:30 last weekend), it was a much more pleasant ride with fewer people out.

2. Cyclist warned me that a tree was down on the trail, and boy was he so not kidding! There was a small path next to the fence where others had pushed through, so I was able to get past it, but what a mess. Was right before mile 8.5 on the W&OD, just as you crossed the highway, turned the corner and have (normally) a nice downhill slope to zip down. Quite a surprise there.

Not a bad ride, though. 3 hours, a little over 44 miles. Felt good to get it done.