27 June, 2006

Dear Paranoid Co-Worker

Category: Satire — Moose @ 11:18 am

Dear Paranoid Co-Worker,

While we appreciate that you don’t want to touch the toilet seat with your bare ass, the building in which we work is kind enough to supply the room with toilet seat covers for just such a contingency. Your repeated use of hand towels in multiple layers to cover the seat, which almost inevitably leads to clogging of one of the three stalls in the restroom, is rude at best. We, your male co-workers, do not appreciate that you manage, on a regular basis, to take out one of the stalls and prevent the rest of us from using it. The seat covers are perfectly adequate to protecting even the most delicate of assflesh, and are designed to be flushed down the toilet, unlike the hand towels you insist upon using.

If you do not mend your ways and get with the program, we will be forced to administer an appropriate public punishment. A swirlie in the currently blocked toilet seems the most likely course of action.


Your Annoyed Co-Workers

DC and HIV

Category: Law — Moose @ 10:53 am

Depressing news this morning from the Post: D.C. Estimates Up to 25,000 Residents Have H.I.V.

A sobering article, to be sure. I did have one problem with the reporting in the article, however, in an assumption they made:

At the close of 2004, the last year for which complete figures are available, 16,165 AIDS cases had been reported in the city since the epidemic began in 1981. Of those, 9,110 people were still living with the disease — meaning nearly 45 percent had died.

Well, no, while there are likely a good number that have died, this doesn’t take into account people who move away, and given the transient nature of much of this city, that may be a good several percentage points. I realize it makes better copy to say ‘death’ but it’s not entirely accurate.

In any case, it’s good that the city is refocusing on the issue. Increasing the availability, timeliness and likelihood of testing is a good thing. Thank heavens the city finally replaced the management at the Department of Health, as well as the Councilmember who oversees that department. Those two actions alone have made large strides (unreported in this article) towards addressing this chronic epidemic.

26 June, 2006

Grouchy Homeowner

Category: Home — Moose @ 6:44 am

Well, three months in it finally happened, I’ve become the grouchy homeowner.

Have fired off a series of emails over the past several hours, starting last night when I asked the cult co-op members’ email list if anyone knew why the pedestrian gates on N street were locked, forcing me to walk over into the driveway (a.k.a. “the River” in last night’s storm). Wouldn’t normally be an issue, but the security mechanism does not yet work and no members have keys (and the gates have been unlocked for months). This was especially annoying because I can see the pedestrian gate on the cul-de-sac at O street from my window, and it’s wide open. Followed up with another email to the building manager this morning with the same questions.

The next was to the building engineer asking if there was something that could be done to allow my balcony to actually drain. It has a drainage channel on the outside edge, and I’ve cleaned a bunch of crud out of it, even poked a chopstick through the end such that I can see it coming out from my bedroom window. No go, water still just stands there. So hopefully he can help with that, as the 1/4″ or so of water standing on the balcony annoys me.

The third was back to the members’ list, asking if I had missed a piece of paper under my door about access to the “members page” off the co-op web site. If there’s a way for us to get electronic communication from the cooperative rather than five gazillion pieces of paper under my door, I’m all for it, but you know, I have to know how to get at the stuff. Supposedly the co-op membership voted last year (?) to move to more electronic communications and stop the paper under the door method of notification. The board, predictably, has stonewalled. It would be nice if they’d realize this is 2006, not 1962, and get with the times. If there are members without computers, or who need paper, fine, let them opt in and get a special printing under their door. Not a problem. But don’t blanket the rest of us with paper we neither need nor want in this day and age.

I suspect the relative lack of sleep hasn’t helped, but the little things do add up.

25 June, 2006


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The cold is progressing in the normal manner. Which is to say last night was my usual sleepless night (I always have one when I get a cold, like clockwork, on day 3 or 4). Thankfully it was over the weekend so I didn’t have to take time off.

Other than killing monsters (yay for Diablo II), it was a very uneventful weekend. Missed two handsome gents who were in town, and the aforementioned parties and dinner. Did run out to the grocery store this evening, just in time for the bottom to drop out right before I checked out. Brought a golf umbrella, but everything from the knees down was soaked right through (and is currently on a drying rack). Used some of the time yesterday to finally get some crap off the kitchen floor and put away, as well as rearranging some of the cabinets so they work better for cooking and eating. I have floor space again in the kitchen, which is a very good thing.

A very good thing because I will be cooking at home more. I looked over ye olde finances and I need to trim some stuff, and dining out/take out is an easy and obvious target. Hence the grocery shopping trip for some stuff to make for lunch this week. Will be healthier anyway, and allow me to stick some more money toward paying down the student loan with the highest interest rate. The cards are gone, so the next target’s in sight. Wish me luck.

24 June, 2006

Bad Timing

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Bad timing is everything.

Fighting off a head cold, pseudo-successfully. Pretty much lost my voice yesterday. Missed dinner with Richard Thursday, a party yesterday evening, and will miss another party today. As much as I’d like to go out, the thought of sharing a head cold with folks isn’t particularly appetizing (which I’m sure they appreciate). This would, of course, happen when I have a full social schedule. Grrr.

19 June, 2006


Category: Food,Geek,Home — Moose @ 4:59 pm

The typical DC spring thunderstorm just blew through, making a mess of the early to mid afternoon commute. Saw many folks caught unawares, lots running for shelter, and tons of lightning coming down. Thankfully it was a fast moving storm, and it’s pretty much gone now, and should be nice and pleasant by the time I have to ride home.

‘Twas a pleasant weekend. Did some shopping Sunday, including a massive Whole Paycheck Foods trip to pick up much needed sundries. Indulged my inner fag and finally broke down and bought some Garland and Callas for the music collection. Has been most pleasant listening to them at work today.

Well, that and Julie Brown’s, “The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun.” My tastes are nothing if not eclectic.

Joe was kind enough to take some pictures yesterday and I’ll get some of those uploaded later this evening.

Going to make a batch of pesto this evening and kill some time with the TiVo. The ST:DS9 episodes are starting to pile up and I’d like to get through a couple more so I don’t overwhelm the poor machine. Nice and low-key, perhaps with some Big House Pink as well.

17 June, 2006

Pool Time

Category: Leisure,Swimming,Triathlon — Moose @ 5:28 pm

Hate me, for I have (access to) a pool.

I’ve just spent the last 3+ hours sunning myself and/or swimming.

*cough*45 SPF sunscreen*cough*

I shall have to see what it takes to have a pool party here. I heard something about “hiring security” or the like. Anyway, would be fun. In the meantime, I’m hanging about the house nekkid while I see how burnt I got. Though so far no red (yay 45 SPF), just a mild edge taken off the normal lilly white.

This after spending several hours out watching my newbies do their first real (practice) triathlon race this morning in east Potomac park. Was fun, I enjoy cheering and watching them improve. We have several who are even possibly competitive level, which is just awesome. It’s been such fun watching them all learn the sport.

Off to dinner tonight with JT, and then I’m suspecting it’s time to go buy some new music.

16 June, 2006

Winning Is Sweet

Category: Law — Moose @ 10:05 pm

I’ve been having a fight with another Big Government Agency (BGA). In particular, there’s an employee who has been driving my BGA crazy. Their theories on our money have been absolute crap, they haven’t understood something that’s relatively easy, and it’s fucked stuff up for the past six months.

Today, their political masters overruled them while they were out of the office. My BGA got our money, the other BGA rolled over and played dead. Halleluiah. A six month fight is over, and by heavens, we won. Got the good news, and the paper proof, just before I left work, around 6:30 this evening.

Six months of hell, over. Halleluiah.

14 June, 2006


Category: Biking,Running,Stuff,Triathlon — Moose @ 8:41 am

Did get new running shoes yesterday, but have done nothing with them yet, aside from dragging them home. I love buying running shoes, too, I’m probably the least difficult customer they get: “Yes, I’d like the Asics Gel Evolution in an eight and a half, 4E width. Thanks.” Always works, always does me right, no matter what they’re calling the shoe this year (they’ve changed the name at least three times in the 8 years I’ve been running).

Did bike around town yesterday on the mountain bike. Up to shoe shop, then to dinner, then home again. Such fun riding through city streets at night (not). Though my absolute favorite part is passing the folks who look like they’re uber-fit on their light little road bikes when I’m on my heavy, heavy steel frame mountain bike. Yes, it’s petty, but it gives me some measure of satisfaction that I can pass them on an uphill on my heavy bike. Might not be able to outdo them on a straight stretch, but I have at least that much ability on the hills.

Anyway, enjoying the last bits of slackersville, because the next event is just around the corner. In the meantime, club happy hour tomorrow, and a practice triathlon on Saturday for our newbies. Looking forward to getting going again, though. I get antsy after too much down time.

13 June, 2006

20 Weeks

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Counted the weeks until the marathon yesterday, it’s about 20 until the event, and I’ve not run a step since the triathlon. I need to get down to the local running store and get new shoes, though I could still run in the ones I have now that they’ve dried out. Looking at various training plans to see what I want to do to prepare for the event.

Last night was a lovely dinner with Brian at Cantina Marina. Margaritas, veggie burger, lots of dogs. Evidently Monday night is their “bring your dog to the restaurant” night and they had several cute pups out playing. The special is either a chili dog or corn dog for $1, and they provide snacks for the pups as well. Cool concept, especially for an outdoor space.

Dragged him back to show him the new apartment. After he left I straightened a lot more stuff up, put boxes away, etc. while chatting online. I’d love to get a small table that’s tall enough to chat on the laptop without having to bend over or sit down – when the boxes were piled up in here that was a possibility, and it definitely made chatting and cleaning much easier (I could just stop by, type a few pithy phrases and keep going). Perhaps on the one short wall where I’ve discovered that I now have room for a small table. We’ll see.

Only two more boxes of books left to be put away and then all boxes will be gone. Only two months in, that’s good for me. Now I just need to find a good shredder on sale so I don’t accumulate as much stuff as I did in the last two places…

Been texting off and on with last week’s date while he’s off on vacation. Trying not to bug him while he’s relaxing, yet still keep some contact. For the most part I’ve been succeeding, letting him get up on Left Coast time and text me first. Has been quite fun, he’s very flirty and good with words, both qualities I enjoy.