31 March, 2012


Category: Coaching,Home — Moose @ 6:11 pm

Spent most of the afternoon today cleaning up my apartment, preparing it for a visit by my brother and one of his daughters (so part of prep has been kid-proofing). I hardly spend any time here any more, since most nights are spent up at the boy’s place. Now that the clutter, which accumulates because of the aforementioned “no time here”, is all cleaned up and put away, the place looks pretty darned nice. It’s easy to forget how well I’d set it up for myself.

The first newbie triathlete class is going well, despite their goal race getting cancelled. The next class starts in three weeks (eeck!) and then we’ll have both going through the new goal race for the first class, in early July (three weeks later than the original). I think we’re up to the challenge, but it’s going to be tough.