27 February, 2008


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So, the acid test this evening was to lie down flat, relatively quickly, wait a bit, then get back up with similar speed, and see if the dizziness returned either time. I’m quite, quite happy to report it did not. What. A. Relief.

A few more days of not sleeping on my right side and I should be back to completely normal. I went in late to work this morning so I could take the full, prescribed 24 hours in the blasted collar. Actually, I did cheat a little by sleeping most of the night without it, but only because I’d managed to “lock” my head into position with a well-placed pillow that wrapped partially around my head and kept it upright and forward like it was supposed to be. Much more comfortable that way, and it did the trick.

It was very difficult not to want to dance around the room when there was no reaction to the shift in position.

Definitely in much, much better spirits this evening, and quite relieved that the worst seems to be behind me.

26 February, 2008

Health Update #3,678,942

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It moved! Or, rather, it was both sides, not just the one that got treated last week.

Okay, let’s back up. I continued to experience vertigo, first lighter after the treatment last Monday, then back to how it had been over the weekend. Yesterday morning a lie-down on the bed (from full upright to fully on the back) induced full fledged spins. Whee! So, a call to the ENT set up another appointment for this morning.

When they tested to see which side it was this time (last time was definitely the left), the right side is what turned up positive. The doc said the audiologist last time noted some reaction on the right, but because the left was so much more dramatic they thought it was just the left. So, this time we treated the right side, and hopefully that’ll knock it out.

Took the day off so I can sit around, keep myself upright, and try not to worry about stuff.

Unfortunately, it’ll be another week before we know for sure if this has gotten the last of it fixed. Which means a full three weeks off from exercise. I’m now less than 12 weeks out from my first planned tri, and so much closer to the 10 miler and the half marathon, which means I’m not going to have the fitness base there to be able to run any of the three of them. And that means I’m canning them for this year. Which sucks in a major way, because I enjoy these two particular running races, and was looking forward to doing this particular tri for the first time.

Got myself all kinds of stressed out over the lack of exercise this past weekend. Stressed enough that my hands are a big mess of eczema. It’s getting better now that I’ve let go of the races, but how gross. At least I discovered that my old med for the eczema was out of date, so I’ve got a fresh batch to pick up in a little bit (and no visit to the dermatologist needed, thank heavens).

Anyway, so just chilling out at home today, and meditating over where I’m going to go, fitness wise, once I’m good to get back to exercise. My first race would then be a 10k in June, then the two tris in September and November. Probably should hit the weight room, as I should have been doing over the winter, as well as base building cardio fitness, and lots of technique work. But that’s to be mulled over while I try not to drive myself crazy in this collar for the next day.

18 February, 2008

I’m Down With BPPV (Yeah You Know Me)

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Got to the ENT and then had all hopes of having a useful day shattered with a single sentence: “Well, we’re going to give you a neck brace to wear for the next 24 hours to keep your head from moving too much…”


it turns out I have classic Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV. Basically some of the little calcium carbonate crystals that are supposed to stay in one place in the ear got out and are wreaking havoc with the innards of my ear, causing the vertigo. So we did a series of slow movements to shake the little things back to where they’re supposed to be, and then they laid the collar on me and sent me home. Well, after paying the co-pay and for the collar they sent me home. Strict instructions not to move the head quickly, no looking down, keep it upright, sleep propped up tonight, etc. Which then meant no going shopping as I’d hoped (holiday sales!), and no laundry or other housework. So, after that I basically bummed around on the Xbox all day, since I can do that and keep my head upright pretty easily. Beat Half-Life 2 and started in on Assassin’s Creed. Fun.

The treatment we did is something like 80% effective with one treatment, so in another week we should know if I have to go back in for a repeat or if we got them all knocked back with the first one. No real cause to pinpoint (no head trauma), and while it’s more likely to recur than not, most cases won’t recur with a 4-5 year period of an episode according to the doc. Which is better than my odds at getting picked for jury duty in DC, so I’ll take ’em.

13 February, 2008


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Take a note: Don’t go book buying (or to the library) if tilting your head to read spines makes you dizzy.

And don’t tilt your head all the way back when sitting in your office chair, either.

Took off from work a little early (after the office chair incident referenced above) to do some shopping, which I cut somewhat short after the dizziness at the book store. Thankfully that particular store is on the bus route that drops me in front of my building, so after a short wait in the cold I was delivered directly to my front door.

Some Super Mario Galaxy this evening (I can power the spaceship finally), and a few more rows on BC’s scarf (I started a scarf for him Monday – fisherman’s rib). And lots of grousing about not being able to exercise since I can’t exactly bounce around a lot right now. So. Annoyed. At. My. Ears. Hopefully the doc was right and this is just a little viral thing that’ll work its way out in a week or so. We’ll see what the ENT says on Monday.

I do look forward to having something else to write about.

12 February, 2008

Spin, spin, spin

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Staying home today. The vertigo progressed a little last night, but it was hard to tell because the drug they give you to treat this stuff (meclizine) is simply an antihistamine which, like benadryl, tends to knock you out. I’m convinced it only works because you’re not awake to tell whether or not you have the vertigo anymore.

This is likely just some viral bit of nastiness in the ear which will resolve itself in a week, according to my doc. Nonetheless, I have a reference to an ENT (ugh), so am trying to get an appointment with them. Scarily, the “muzak” for them when you’re on hold includes a man who sounds like a perky version of David Sedaris talking about facial plastic surgery to make you look younger. It’s more than a bit odd – David’s voice should never, ever be perky. Okay, muzak’s over, and appointment set up for Monday afternoon (during the Federal holiday? Hmph).

BC came over last night after dinner. Was good to have a body to grab (instead of just the bed) when I laid myself down and let the spins wash over me until my ears settled (if you ever wanted to see a lawyer/control freak have a near panic attack, yesterday was your chance). The freak-out aspect has calmed down some today, though. When you’re a bit of a control nut, having the world spin due to nothing you’ve done to or with yourself is more than a bit disconcerting. A nice chanting of “this will pass, this will pass” was ultimately helpful for getting through the shift in head position, kind of like reciting the litany against fear.

So, in the meantime it’s going to be mindless entertainment today while the brain adjusts to the meclizine. That or a lot of napping. And a trip to the polling place (which is, thankfully, literally right across the street from our front gate, so about a block to block and a half walk over there). Because through fall, fog or fire I will vote.

11 February, 2008

As The World Spins

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Okay, it’s still here, so I have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon. Whee!

No swim for me tonight, it seems. I just hope this doesn’t mean I get to add yet another specialist (Ear, Nose and Throat, or ENT) to my list of doctors (orthopedist, podiatrist, opthalmologist, neurologist, etc.). I’ve managed not to have to visit an ENT since I was in elementary school (multiple sets of tubes from recurrent ear infections) and I’m getting tired of adding to the list.

Plus this puts a major damper on training. And has BC worried since I called to tell him I was going to the doc, which just all around sucks gorilla butt.


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Nothing like an attack of vertigo to start off your day on the right foot.

Woke up, swung my legs over and sat up, per the usual routine, and whammo! Felt like I was still drunk from the night before. Which would be fine if I had actually been drinking the night before, but I hadn’t. Not a pleasant sensation, but it did fade fairly quickly and I cautiously went about my morning. Had one more ‘relapse’ when I laid down on the floor to do some ab exercises while waiting for BC in the shower, but none since (maybe the usual sudafed dose kicked in and dried out the ears? who knows…).

Will test myself again before I go swimming tonight – definitely not into drowning, and I suspect an attack of vertigo in the water would be pretty damned terrifying.


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  • Went dancing last night. First time in years (literally). Had a friend ask BC if he had known I could dance. His response: “Oh course; I’ve slept with him.”
  • Saw Rambo this past week. The highlight: a trailer for Midnight Meat Train. The trailer was all serious, looked good, Wes Craven, etc., then they announced the title in this deep, serious voice. I about spit out the water I was drinking. So going to see it when it’s out.
  • Brunch sometime around 3 this afternoon, after recovering from last night. Dragged Brian out for it, and was good to see him.
  • Busy, busy at work. Not sure that there’s an end in sight for any of it, but I’ll just keep slogging through it.
  • Did a sample swatch of stockinette stitch (finally taught myself to purl yesterday), and learned how to bind off the swatches. I need to go get a needle so I can weave in the ends. That and drag BC to Stitch to pick out some thread for a scarf. Which will be a good excuse to pick up more needles, too, since the pattern calls for a circular needle (I know, it’s not strictly necessary, but hey, why not?).
  • And with that, it’s crash time
4 February, 2008

The Start of the Groove

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Back to the training grind this morning. Short run before work, and a short swim this evening. Felt good to get back in the pool, but I definitely need to work on drills again – my form started to fade too quickly as the swim went on. I did do some limited drills among the laps, but I need to look back at my materials to refresh my memory on them.

Oh, and training 2x a day = getting home to my body screaming “FOOD!” It’s a good thing I went to the farmers’ market on Sunday.

Work was … work. Thought a particular crisis was going to come to a head, but no calls, so I assume we’re still in a holding pattern there. I’m feeling somewhat unmotivated, but I suspect that’s the decaffeination talking.

Bike ride planned for the morning, and I hear I’m going to see the new Rambo movie tomorrow evening with BC. Promises to be a real stinker, which should be nicely amusing.

3 February, 2008


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I decided to give up caffeine again because it was affecting my sleep, which in turn was screwing with my training. Today was day two, and I warned BC that I might get a bit testy in a week or so. So far, so good, no headaches, sleeping better, all good.

I have, however, been extra-snarky. Like, really, really overly sarcastic at every little thing. Poor BC got to see a lot of it this weekend as we watched TV and I did a complete snark-a-thon at pretty much every show. Not quite what I was intending when giving up caffeine (New and Improved! Now with extra Snark!), and hopefully it’ll pass shortly as my system gets used to the change. Until then I suppose I’m going to have to watch my tongue more than usual.