28 September, 2008


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Got completely and utterly soaked on this afternoon’s ride. It had been threatening rain on and off all day, and I’d been a zombie most of the day, so I finally got going around 4 or so. Was great for the first 2 long loops, then a little over halfway into the third the bottom dropped out. Not much to do but keep riding at that point, and it’s not like I’ve never raced in the rain (Mooseman, Richmond Powersprint, anyone?). Did an additional short loop – was considering going for the long loop again as it started lightening up, but then the bottom dropped out, again, on the backside of the short loop, so I headed in after that one.

Yesterday was all about being a slug. Got up late, knitted (per the previous post) & caught up on TV. Played Bioshock. Made pancakes. Was fantastic, especially after the chaos of the previous weekend, and the mess of the work week.

27 September, 2008

More Projects Down

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Finished up another hat today, on some fun green variegated yarn:

Green Hat

Green Hat 2

Green Hat 3

And I finally uploaded a picture of the navy one I did a bit ago:

Navy Fisherman's Hat

24 September, 2008

Funding, Perhaps?

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Looks like we’re getting funded through March 6th, with lots of plus-ups for inaugural activities. Whee. They stuck in the raise for calendar 09, too (yay), but didn’t provide any additional funds to pay for it, so we have to suck it out of existing cash on hand (boo). A couple of other problems in there for my BGA, but we’ll deal.

Spastic day, what with the bill language being released at midnight, the House voting to pass it, and multiple phone calls and meetings over various provisions. Glad the work day finally ended. Tomorrow will be slightly less spastic, I hope, with a nice break in the middle for a going away lunch for a coworker who’s leaving us for another BGA.

Cleaned up more junk here, and just test-fired the oven (empty) to see how the temps match my oven thermometer. Seems to be slightly cooler than the dial, so I’ll see if there’s a way to adjust the dial, or I’ll just have to keep in mind that it’s not quite 25 degrees cooler than the dial says it is. Caught up on Heroes from Monday, and zapped more junk out of the queue without watching it (The Last Samurai? Ew). Now it’s early crash time. I missed the bike ride this morning because of an early meeting, so perhaps I’ll get back out there tomorrow morning instead. Depends on how well I sleep – definitely on a deficit so far this week.

23 September, 2008

No Way To Run A Government

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I cannot help but think the four men sitting in front of Congress today were quite full of shit. All of this while the Congress still hasn’t even funded the federal government for the next fiscal year, and can’t seem to decide on how they’re going to temporarily fund us, and for how long. This is, as I’ve often said, no way to run a government.

Long, busy day at work doing things I can’t talk about. Whee. I’ll mention the old adage about not wanting to see laws or sausages being made and leave it at that. And it’s going to start early tomorrow, too. Whee.

Got to see Dean, Richard and Gene for dinner this evening, which was quite nice. I find myself almost wishing for Metro rides across town as it gives me time to sit/stand and knit. I think I got a good 1/2 inch to an inch done on the hat I’m working on now. The downside is that my foot’s now sore again after walking around.

Tomorrow evening should be nice and quiet, with more needed straightening to do, but otherwise nothing is on the schedule, and I’m looking forward to that.

22 September, 2008


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That was a surprise. Came home, put the bike away, loaded up laundry, was heading out to go do it when I looked at the carpet in the dining area where something was missing, but I couldn’t pinpoint what. Then I saw the manuals for the stove and microwave, but not the appliances themselves. Quick doubletake to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, then zipped into the kitchen to see the new appliances in place. And all of my crap shoved all over the place because they didn’t warn me they were coming so I didn’t clear the area for them. Oy.

But hey, they’re in!

Of course, I didn’t actually get a chance to use them tonight because I was also doing laundry, and getting rid of my old desk, so by the time I got done and could sit down to figure out how to work the microwave I was starving, so just had leftover potato salad. And collapsed into my chair to actually sit down finally (after cleaning some of the countertops, of course, and putting away dishes, and putting dirty ones in the washer, etc., etc., etc.).

Got up and biked this morning. After snapping off another presta valve stem in the pump. Grrrrr. Stupid design, both the pump and presta valves in general. But the ride itself went well, cool, and gradually sped up each round, cutting each 5.whatever mile loop by 15 seconds. And now I’m ready to collapse – I’m not used to getting up at 5:30 any more, though I hope to get back to that this week.

21 September, 2008


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Got to see JT this evening for dinner out in Ballston. The new redo of the old Tara Thai there, well, fails. It’s obvious they’re trying to turn it into a more clubby place and that just won’t work well there. Oh well. The bartender was nice, and the drinks were cheap ($2.50 for a draft beer during happy hour – 5-8). Not sure we’ll be going back any time soon, though.

Still have assorted little things to go through before I’ll have the room entirely together in the new configuration, but it’s pretty much there now. I can get the bikes in and out (a major consideration – they’re stored on the balcony and I have to be able to get them to/from the front door easily). The room would be easier to configure without needing that pathway, but it works this way.

Going to try and get up and cycle in the morning. Went out Saturday for an hour and it was great. I’m cleared to cycle all I want, so I need to be taking advantage of that, even as it cools off outside.


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Spent much of the past two days moving furniture around in my living room. Decided I could use the trunks sitting in my bedroom as a make-shift entertainment center until I save up a few pennies to get a real one, so I dragged them out and proceeded to make the rest of the room fit around the layout I’ve been wanting to set up. It works, now that things have been moved. I do have to get rid of the tall bookshelf that went with my old desk (which is currently disassembled and sitting in my front hall for a neighbor to come claim). It’s too tall for the space I’m in now, and while it worked well at the Woodner it doesn’t work at all here now. The depth is right, though, which bodes well for shorter replacements on that wall.

Am very glad to have all the books up off the floor now, too. This would’ve been easier were my new stove and microwave not in the middle of the room (still waiting to get scheduled to get those put in), but I managed to get around them. I have to re-hang some of the art, but that’s the least of my worries right now.

I shouldn’t be surprised at the amount of dust on/behind/around some of the furniture, but it was still a bit shocking to see all of it. The vacuum cleaner got a lot of use the past two days, and I’m sure I’ve still missed some of it.

The best part of the layout now is that I can actually sit on the couch and watch TV without having to move it half way across the room. And play the Xbox or the Wii from the couch. The really fun part was having to relocate the cable for the internet/cable TV back to where I had it originally installed. It’ll be well-hidden behind a real entertainment center, but for now it’s hiding behind a (thankfully pretty tall) picture. Sort of hiding, that is – it’s not like you can completely hide a big white cable coming down the middle of your wall, even with a picture frame over a good chunk of it.


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WTF? Hot lawyers, and they’re all straight, and married, and that’s the story of my life.

Cookout at my friend L’s place in SE DC with her and her husband and their friends from the DOD. She’s one of 2 people, perhaps three that I’ve stayed in touch with from undergrad. It was good to see them both and their friends, and I enjoyed seeing them all.

I swear, I can’t get my father’s words out of my head, “We wish your attention span were longer.” That was so cutting a comment, and felt so true. Seeing people my age with kids 7 and up didn’t help. It would likely be easier if I didn’t get along with kids so well, either. I do sort of miss that, even if I don’t particularly want to raise children of my own. I wish I were closer to my nieces. i do miss seeing more of them as they grow up.

19 September, 2008

Random Updates, 20080919

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There comes a time when you can no longer pluck the gray hairs from your beard without causing it to look like you shaved really, really badly.

New piercings have this deLIGHTful way of reminding you they’re there, mainly by catching on clothes, bedsheets, shower accoutrements, etc. Ouch. Though they’re doing quite well this time around, all things considered.

Email outage at work may be cyber attack from a foreign gubmint, not that the CIO’s staff is saying much about it right now.

The older guy wants a new agency to deal with the financial crisis. And his is supposed to be the party of small government? How about we just empower the ones we have now to actually to their jobs instead?

Dinner “date” tonight (though not sure how much of a date it is, hence the quotes). Someone I’ve known, off and on, for years now, but our contact is usually fairly sporadic.

18 September, 2008


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Limited email today. My inbox at work hasn’t looked that good since, oh, early February 2004 (i.e., right after I started there)? Evidently we had a “catastrophic cascading hardware failure” in our network stuff which killed off all email access. Whee! Still feel sorry for the CIO types. Explaining this all to management will not be fun. Especially since as of now we still have no crackberry service.

The peanut thing in the slow-cooker worked pretty well. I added water, thinking there wasn’t enough liquid, but it seems there actually was, after the veggies sweat out and shrunk down. So it was “stewier” than expected, but still good. It’s definitely been worth it to have dinner waiting for me when I get home. Now I have a bunch in the freezer for later, again, easier than trying to come up with fresh food every evening, and better than processed stuff as well.

Otherwise more splicer killing in Bioshock, and now it’s zombie movie time, before I crash.

I will say this about the economic news: at least it’s stopped people from commenting on the other inanities which the two campaigns keep spitting out. Though I’d not wish this nonsense on us any day of the week. Re-regulate the markets, tax the hell out of the salaries these fuckers made while screwing the rest of us over and bringing ‘value’ to their companies (which are now defaulting on everything they did), and to the extent necessary, let the market ‘correct’ their actions without bailing their asses out. They so love the market, then live by its rules and don’t expect the rest of us to bail out your poor choices.