28 February, 2006

Odd Morning

Category: Finance,Law,Swimming — Moose @ 10:20 am

Woke up at 5 this morning and knew I wasn’t going back to bed, so I putzed for a bit, then got the gym to swim at 7. It was very quiet there, and I was able to get into a lane, shared at first with one other gentleman, then alone for the last half. This was about an hour before I normally get in there, but it was just as un-crowded at 8 when I was getting out as it was at 7 when I got in.

The resolutioners seem to have resolutioned out, finally. Thank heavens.

I think I freaked out my office by getting in at 8:30. Not early for most people, I know, but since I normally get in at 9:30-9:45, it was a tad strange for the rest of the folks here. I’ll use the extra time today to take less time off tomorrow when I go to fill out paperwork with my agent for the offer on the apartment.

(OMG, NPR is talking about the case of Marshall v. Marshall, aka the “Anna Nicole Smith” case, and I have to say, I knew she was a train wreck, but the description by Nina Totenberg is just Too Fraking Funny)

Will be slightly crazy here at work, even without the home buying stuff (my mortgage broker called when I was in the gym this morning). Whee.

27 February, 2006

Busy, busy

I’m in the process of putting an offer in on a co-op apartment down in southwest DC, near the Waterfront Metro station. Nothing quite like contemplating more than doubling my debt load (after student loans) in one fell swoop. Thank heavens for the tax benefits that come along with mortgage interest payments in this country.

I’ve otherwise been busy, helping with the club’s new triathlete program, working out myself, and just generally living. My calf is still out of commission; tried running last Thursday, a week and some after the initial injury, but ten minutes in at a moderate pace I could tell it was not ready yet. I’ll take this entire week off and try to be patient. Thankfully swimming and biking have not been affected by the calf’s little injury, so I’ve been able to stay up with those in the meantime.

For reasons I’ll not go into here I broke things off with CT last week. For the first time since the Clinton administration I’m single. And you know, I’m okay with that; I’m looking forward to having some “down time” from dating, to be honest. I want to get the new apartment arranged, do my race, get the new triathletes through their first race(s), and simply take things day by day otherwise. Heaven knows I need to take some of the down time and retool my eating habits; I’ve been eating for stress, not for hunger and fueling my body, and the scale’s been showing it this year. Not that buying the apartment and breaking up are doing wonders for my stress levels, but this has been just plain silly. There’s no reason my eating should have been that out of whack. Ah well, live, learn, and move on.

Got a starter Prince’s Wand (link not safe for work) last week. The starter version was nice, after a ton of cleaning (it was obvious they hadn’t cleaned it before they shipped it), but if I were to continue with one I think I’d have to go and get a custom one done by Steel Werks Extreme (again, link not safe for work). The starter one fits okay, but a more customized version would be needed for more than just hanging out in it, if you will.

(how sad, I just realized I didn’t have a “sex” category for that last bit of text; shows how little I’ve been doing anything in that department lately)

Anyway, brought some work home tonight so I need to go read that and get prepped for a semi-big meeting with my chief deputy poo-bah tomorrow.

14 February, 2006

This Exercise Stuff’ll Kill Ya

Category: Habits,Running — Moose @ 6:24 pm

Just pulled my right calf while running on the treadmill here at work. Ow, ow, ow. And CT’s going to think I did it intentionally to get out of seeing him on Black Tuesday. *sigh* Right now I just want to head home, prop it up with some ice on it and go to bed (though not with the ice still on it as that would be pretty uncomfortable and/or wet when I woke up).

11 February, 2006

Notes From A Run

Category: Running — Moose @ 6:41 pm

Dear runner with the not-quite-tight-enough-tights, next time, please either put on some undies that hold your junk in tighter, or get better tights, because while it was kind of interesting to see you prove that you were definitely male, it was also mightily odd to see your gonads flopping back and forth while you ran.

Dear walkers, I appreciate that you have to get out and exercise as well, but please get a clue about the rules of the trail, stay to the right, and try not to jump to the left when someone tells you they’re passing you on that side.

Dear cyclists, thank you for behaving for once. I suppose the bad weather meant only the hardiest and smartest of you were out. Bravo.

Snowy Saturday

Category: Food,Running — Moose @ 6:24 pm

Behold, the power of garlic. Nothing quite like doubling the amount of garlic to go into your favorite hummus recipe. Yum!

Nice run this morning while out in the rain. Was trying to get done with it before the snow, which was predicted to start between 8 and 10 this morning, started. Of course, the snow didn’t actually start until 2:30, 2:45 or so here in town, but it’s coming down to beat the band now. The rain wasn’t bad at all, and I’m glad I got this weekend’s long run done before we get “snowed in.” Can easily do the bike indoors tomorrow, and we’ll see if the gym is open tomorrow for a swim.

Oh good, I see snow sticking down in the park now.

My brother’s being a twit, drinking on his antidepressant meds, scaring his about-to-pop-out-a-child wife and our parents. ‘Twas his “cry for help” (his words) and it certainly worked. Little idiot. Heaven forfend he should just ask for some help, no, instead he has to make a big dramatic scene. And here I thought the gay children were supposed to be the dramatic ones.

10 February, 2006

Ken Makes Not-So-Trimphant Return

Category: Satire — Moose @ 2:55 pm

Ken gets a makeover, still refuses to come out of the closet, despite new “metrosexual” look.

Boy toy still claiming he loves Barbie, wants to get back with her, says that any and all likeness to John Paulk are purely coincidental.

8 February, 2006

Briefly Updating

Category: Exercise,Finance,Health,Lists,Triathlon — Moose @ 2:54 pm

I should update those things I’ve already done on the Uberlist, but I’ll save that for later.

Richard came back in the apartment yesterday morning to tell me the wonderful news that they were painting the bed bug boys’ apartment and that the boys were now gone. Hooray! Keep your fingers crossed that the next person/bunch is better than this previous group was.

I’m still vascillating on the whole buying real estate thing, though am leaning more heavily toward buying. The listings aren’t bad, and reading more on the subject makes me more hopeful. Chatted with my bank about some short-term investment options as well, and the rates don’t seem terribly useful for that at the moment. Of course, the flip side of that is that borrowing rates for mortgages aren’t too terrible, either.

Today was the last day of physical therapy left from the car accident last month. Loved the therapist, she was very helpful, and we (finally) went over more stretches for my IT bands that should help with that little problem. Overall she seemed pleased with the stretching I’m doing now after we went over it, which was good to see.

Otherwise I’m staying busy between training and gearing up for the new triathlete program (sign-ups begin next week!).

2 February, 2006

Uberlist 2006

Category: Lists,Motivation — Moose @ 12:07 am


  1. Move.
  2. Get another bedside table.
  3. Get a new dining room table.
  4. Get more plants for inside the apartment.
  5. Replace the food processor.
  6. Get a new carrier for the cats.
  7. See about getting a cat tree for the beasties.
  8. Cull my belongings before I move, not after.
  9. Get a television.
  10. Donate/sell extra stuffed animals.
  11. Sell the Kirby vacuum cleaner.
  12. Organize & put my CDs away.
  13. Replace bookshelves.
  14. Find and get a better storage option for my DVDs.
  15. Take the cats in for their annual physical/shots.
  16. Get rid of old computer equipment.
  17. Give GLAA their materials back.
  18. Sell my old Palm.
  19. Repair or dispose of my old bedside lamp.
  20. Get new dining room chairs.
  21. Organize my book collection.
  22. Get an ice cream maker.
  23. Get new sheets.
  24. Replace old towels.


  1. Run the Cherry Blossom ten-miler in under 2 hours.
  2. Run a 5k in under half an hour.
  3. Run a 10k in under an hour.
  4. Race two triathlons.
  5. Complete a fall marathon.
  6. Practice more Yoga.
  7. Bike more when running errands.
  8. Work on my core strength.
  9. Try Pilates.
  10. Get a wetsuit.
  11. Get a professional massage after races.
  12. Get comfortable riding in the aero position on my bike.
  13. Decide whether I’m doing an Ironman race next year & if so, sign up for it.
  14. Weights, weights, weights.
  15. Get more exercise clothes.
  16. Get speed and cadence sensors for the new bike.


  1. Cook at home more.
  2. Get back to a flat stomach.
  3. Get to bed earlier.
  4. Eat less processed food.
  5. Attend another body electric seminar.
  6. Eat less, more frequently.
  7. Refrain from drinking to excess.
  8. Get below 155lbs…
  9. …and stay there.
  10. Develop and follow a stretching program.
  11. Get a body fat scale.
  12. Get a physical.
  13. Lay off the spicy foods.
  14. Try meditating.
  15. Minimize my consumption of sodas.
  16. Get an eye exam.
  17. Get new glasses.
  18. Cook more tempeh.
  19. Price out tooth whitening with my dentist.
  20. Find a good recipe for home made miso soup.
  21. Use my cookbooks more.


  1. Have friends over for dinner.
  2. Go to the Eagle.
  3. Get out of the apartment more.
  4. Go dancing.
  5. Host some Bad Movies parties (2 or more).
  6. Do more massage exchanges (6 this year).
  7. Go visit friends in another time zone.
  8. Dinner party.
  9. Host a soup night potluck.
  10. Send some more snail mail cards to friends & family.
  11. Go see my new niece when she pops out.
  12. Remember my brother’s birthday.
  13. Go see my family over Xmas.
  14. Take someone to CBE in the fall.


  1. Set up a filing system for financial records.
  2. Squirrel away more money in savings.
  3. Set a plan to save funds up for a down payment.
  4. Make a plan & start the process to buy property.
  5. Confirm with the credit agencies that my credit reports are now mine and only mine.
  6. Close another credit card account.
  7. Get a paper shredder.


  1. Post reviews of all the lube I’ve been buying.
  2. Post reviews of my cookbooks.
  3. Get a backup drive for the Mac.
  4. Beat Kirby’s Canvas Curse.
  5. Play a game with my niece on the DS.
  6. Write more on my web site(s).


  1. Get some plants for the office.
  2. Join the professional bar for my BGA.
  3. Update my resume.
  4. Figure out some lunches to bring in from home.
  5. Find a source of Scharffenberger chocolate for work.


  1. Renew my passport.
  2. Take a knife skills class.
  3. Thank you notes.
  4. Get a new toiletry kit bag.
  5. Get more dress pants.
  6. Finish watching The House of Flying Daggers.
  7. Watch the other Chinese movies I bought on DVD.
  8. Commission an original piece of art.
  9. Get another piece or two of Nasty Pig clothes.
  10. Get myself the ring I’ve been eyeing.
  11. Make three recipes from Vice Cream.
  12. Get new styli for the Treo.
  13. Get more luggage