20 June, 2012

Brutal Honesty

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  1. I’m fat (by which I mean I’m well overweight, not that I’m fatally obese).
  2. I don’t like what my body looks like, naked.
  3. The state of my body and health embarrasses me.
  4. Being overweight affects my self-confidence in all aspects of my life.
  5. I do not have self-control over junk food.
  6. My body is not forgiving, so my diet needs to be exemplary.
  7. I’m an emotional eater.
  8. When I don’t plan my eating, I don’t eat well.
  9. I spend too much energy trying to find a perfect, total solution to these problems, rather than focusing on small, incremental changes.
  10. I get angry when small setbacks occur.
  11. I give in to the negative talk in my head.
  12. I obsess over my flaws.
  13. These things hold me back from being the person I want to be.
5 January, 2012

No Uberlist/Goals

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I decided I’m not going to do an uberlist this year. I didn’t want to deal with coming up with 112 things to do over the course of the year, when my track record is getting only around half of them done. The list doesn’t change, but circumstances do, and I no longer find it a useful or fun tool. Instead I popped over onto Wunderlist and did up a number of lists in different areas (finances, health, “us” stuff, etc.) with some immediate goals, and a mind to checking in on them and updating them as life moves on. Goals are important, and reasonable, achievable ones even more so. We preach specificity of goals in coaching, so here I go. Won’t be posting them, but will be using them.

No clue what I’m going to do race-wise this year. I was signed up for one race, but we now have another event that weekend out of town, so no can do. Ugh. And I’m not thrilled with the local choices, mainly because I’ll be coaching folks through them. Might still do them (especially if I can get a comped entry or two), but at the moment I’d rather focus on my newbies.

1 January, 2011

Überlist 2011

Category: Lists — Moose @ 3:06 am

1. Columbia Triathlon
2. DC Triathlon
3. Rockett’s Landing
4. Nation’s Triathlon
5. Cupid’s Undies Run
6. Get a PR at the Olympic distance
7. Start a weight training routine
8. Replace the dishwasher
9. Replace the disposer
10. Frame my graduate school diplomas
11. Clean behind the fridge
12. Host a bad movies party
13. Host a game day
14. Take a knife skills class
15. Come up with a display for my race medals
16. Frame my finished cross stitch projects
17. Art for the bathroom
18. Go to the Holocaust museum
19. Donate more books
20. Clean out my desk at work
21. Dispose of the roomba batteries
22. Replace the roomba battery
23. Get a better tool box
24. Integrate a regular yoga practice
25. Go dancing
26. Take a CPR class
27. Get coaching certification
28. End the year with smaller credit card balances
29. Get replacement shades for the lamps
30. Prepare 2012’s tracking sheet
31. Prepare 2012’s Uberlist before 2012 begins
32. VO2 Max test
33. Clean out the file cabinet
34. Set out NTP lessons learned for co-leaders
35. Get a new TV
36. Go out more
37. Rescreen the balcony
38. Get blinds for the living room
39. Remove the black bookshelf from the living room
40. Paint the living room
41. Price countertops
42. Price painting the kitchen cabinets & walls
43. Clean out the dressers
44. Rearrange the closets
45. Donate unused jackets
46. Begin a meditation practice
47. Join WABA
48. Hire a cleaner for the apartment
49. Fix up the planters
50. Cut HFCS out of my diet
51. Get network cables for the various machines
52. Participate in more group workouts with the Club
53. Get a mat(s) for the kitchen
54. Get demineralization cartridges for the humidifiers
55. Inventory and toss the cassette tapes
56. Recycle the old PCs
57. Get a new backup drive
58. Visit New York
59. Visit SF
60. Get a travel laptop
61. Replace two messenger bags
62. Get my teeth whitened
63. Read one of the books on Rhetoric
64. Buy something at the fish market
65. Donate clothes
66. Visit the local library
67. Check out other brunch sites for Sundays
68. Update my resume
69. Pick up items from Les
70. Replace a jacket
71. Fix the kitchen sink aerator
72. Annual physical
73. Two dental visits
74. Knit myself gloves
75. Get new earbuds
76. Buy someone jewelry
77. Go somewhere random
78. Stock the wine rack
79. Bake cookies
80. Bake a new cupcake recipe
81. Try a new vegan recipe
82. Try a new omnivore recipe
83. Learn a new cooking skill
84. Go to bear happy hour
85. Go to dinner with friends
86. Knit a hat for myself
87. Knit a scarf
88. Teach someone to knit
89. Cook with my niece
90. Continue brunching
91. Finish more of the physical books in The Book Pile
92. Get a new plant for the living room
93. Buy flowers
94. Get another piece of ink
95. Get another piercing
96. Fix the fu dog book end
97. Finish a cross stitch pattern
98. Reorganize the living room bookshelves
99. Renew my theater subscription
100. Grow basil
101. Make pesto
102. Replace the gimpy tire on the Mini
103. Go to a Body Electric workshop
104. Buy someone a snuggie
105. Go see a movie in the theater
106. Write a poem
107. Have dinner on the balcony with a friend
108. Play Gloom
109. Buy a new board game/expansion
110. Go to Canada
111. Put hooks for my pride flag on the balcony

29 December, 2010

Winter Has Sapped My Will To Update

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I seem to be on the ‘once a month update schedule’ these days. Working on the Uberlist for 2011, a bit over halfway there. Managed to get over half the stuff on 2010’s list done, which I consider to be a successful list year. Way too many books ordered in the past week, and they all seem to have shown up at the same time. Along with a new living room rug (which I’d been eyeing for months and which I’m really glad I ordered the moment they put it on sale – I can’t find the thing on their site any more), which is currently sitting, rolled up, in the front hall because I don’t have the energy to move all the furniture tonight to get it in place. Plenty of time this weekend, and maybe even tomorrow night.

The aforementioned planning has gone slightly more slowly than I expected, but I’m not terribly worried about it. I will be writing this weekend to try & get stuff done and out for review by the other co-leaders next week. For my own training, I’m delaying the formal start of my stuff in order to do some weight loss related stuff first. I’m a lot heavier than I need to be to race well, and that’s gotta change. The 10 lbs (and 3-4 percentage points of body fat) I gained post-IM haven’t helped, either. Yuck. So yes, I’m going to be a resolutioner this year, but if I want to gain speed this year, I need to help improve the ‘infrastructure’ needed for that.

2010 hasn’t been a bad year for me, and 2011 is shaping up to continue in the same vein.

4 January, 2010

Starting Out Right

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So far so good on the new year. Did manage to get up too late to bike (on the trainer) this morning, but managed it this evening. Stopped by the gym on the way home and, once again, the manager wasn’t in so they couldn’t take updated credit card info, but I left a note to have him call me. I think the first time I’ll get in to actually swim will be next week, but I’d like there to be no hang ups with getting into the pool. Not that I’m dying to get into the pool, but since it’s a third of the triathlon, and my weakest leg, it’s kinda necessary.

Got to ring in the new year itself with Mike and some friends of mine here in DC. Was a pleasant time together, with fun friends, good drinks, and board games.

I’m taking a sort of perverse amusement from the fact that it’s below 50 degrees down in Tampa where my snow bird parental units are. The bone-chilling cold we’ve had here in the DC area for the past several days hasn’t been fun, but it’s not like it doesn’t get down here on occasion in the winter, so we can prep for it. Tampa? Not so much, at least not as cold as it’s been getting. Crazy stuff. And partially why I’m trying to clear the gym up – I can use their treadmills to run inside so I’m not out in 20-some degree weather freezing my toes off.

And of course I already want to change some items on my Uberlist, but I’ll stick with what’s written for now. Doesn’t mean plans don’t change, even this quickly, but that’s the fun of a big doc like that. I’m thinking something more private and flexible might not be a bad idea, though, so help set out priorities and make some longer term plans for handling stuff.

30 December, 2009

Uberlist 2010

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  1. Ironman Louisville
  2. Eagleman Triathlon
  3. Columbia Triathlon
  4. Total 200
  5. Get an entertainment center
  6. Reorganize the closets
  7. Replace my dishwasher
  8. Replace the disposer
  9. Frame my graduate school diplomas
  10. Assist with a CBE class
  11. Knit something for my nieces
  12. Paint a room
  13. Play a game online with a friend
  14. Reduce my caffeine use
  15. Clean behind the fridge
  16. Find a storage option for my bicycles
  17. Fix or get rid of the mountain bike
  18. Attend a heart circle
  19. Have friends over for dinner
  20. Host a bad movies party
  21. Host a game day
  22. Do a massage exchange
  23. Take a knife skills class
  24. Pick up items from Les
  25. Read the unread Chinese fiction in my collection
  26. Get ink
  27. Clean out my kitchen cabinets
  28. Come up with a display for my medals
  29. Frame my finished cross stitch projects
  30. Get a body fat scale
  31. Get a power tap for the tri bike
  32. Decorate the bathroom
  33. Go to the Holocaust museum
  34. Grow balcony plants
  35. Cook some of what I grow on the balcony
  36. Donate more books
  37. Get away from my desk at lunch
  38. Volunteer at a race
  39. Get a pedicure
  40. Attend a play
  41. Do regular core work
  42. Reduce surface clutter in the apartment
  43. Finish two pair of socks
  44. Clean out the work desk
  45. Readjust my sleep schedule to earlier
  46. Get rid of the extra crates
  47. Dispose of the roomba battery properly
  48. Store my bike rack better
  49. Get a better tool box
  50. Get a new heart rate monitor
  51. Volunteer with the tri club
  52. Get out to more NTP workouts
  53. Integrate a regular yoga practice
  54. Get closer to race weight
  55. Eat more fruit
  56. Attend a Code party
  57. Dance
  58. Go clothes shopping
  59. Replace my tuxedo jacket
  60. Get cufflinks
  61. Take a CPR class
  62. Replace the aerobars water bottle
  63. Cut down on miscellaneous extraneous purchases
  64. Get up to Boston as often as practicable
  65. Bring better snacks to the office
  66. Stay on top of mail-order nutrition needs
  67. Bake cookies
  68. Donate the moose dishes
  69. Get replacement shades for the leg lamps
  70. Mount the antlers
  71. Rearrange the art in the bedroom
  72. Go through the boxes in the closets and toss what I can
  73. Keep sending cards
  74. Beat a DS game
  75. Beat an Xbox game
  76. Beat a Wii game
  77. Get a PS3
  78. Beat a PS3 game
  79. Prepare 2011’s tracking sheet
  80. Replace the shower liner hooks
  81. New bath towels
  82. Prepare 2011’s Uberlist before the end of 2010
  83. Annual physical
  84. Two dental visits
  85. Get through one dental visit without getting fussed at to floss more
  86. Look into toe surgery
  87. Track my workout/health stats more consistently
  88. Analyze the stats to see where I need improvement
  89. Treat my eczema more aggressively
  90. Replace a set of sheets
  91. Pay off a student loan company
  92. Pay off a credit card
  93. Donate unused tri stuff to the club
  94. VO2 Max test
  95. Resting Metabolic Rate test
  96. Clean out the file cabinet
  97. Rearrange the kitchen counters
  98. Find a chiropractor
  99. Find a regular place to get my hair cut
  100. Replace the couch
  101. Cull my files at work
  102. Repot my office plants. Again.
  103. Deactivate web accounts that I don’t use.
  104. Cut down the number of unwanted voluntary web site emails
  105. Start archiving historical info on the NTP
  106. Get the Xbox 360 repaired
  107. Get a new, larger TV
  108. Organize/toss the electronic “stuff” in my cabinets
  109. Toss old computer games, manuals and guides
  110. Recycle my old PCs
13 May, 2009


Category: Driving,Exercise,Lists,Running,Sleep,Swimming,Triathlon — Moose @ 10:47 pm

Did a final push tonight to ensure I can do Columbia on Sunday. Swam a little over a mile (3×500 as the main set, with about a minute rest between each), got home, changed, zipped out for a run of about six and a half miles (a little more than what I’ll be doing Sunday, though on flat and not hills like Columbia will be). Not bad, though I predict I will be a bit sore tomorrow. If nothing else there’ll be a small blister on the left foot from the new orthoses. I think next week will be time for new shoes, too. And hey, should sleep nicely tonight.

I got a pretty nasty little sunburn on Sunday while driving back from Tidewater. It’s fading, and isn’t quite as red as it was on Monday. I keep slathering it with aftersun lotion (and sunscreen when I go out), and no peeling, either. Yay moisturizer. Made an appointment for early June to get the mini’s AC fixed so I won’t do that to myself again.

I want to spend some time next week going through my uberlist for this year. Some things have been completed, and some have changed or been rendered moot. And it’s time for a review, after getting through this first race.

4 January, 2009

Culling & Lunch

Category: Cooking,Drinks,Food,Friends,Lists,Stuff — Moose @ 6:31 pm

Had Chris over today to help me cull my clothing collection. 20-odd T-shirts went out, as well as polos, button downs, and others. Much space was made in the drawers and in the closet. All in all, four paper grocery bags got filled with neatly folded clothes. Also found some items I shall offer to my brother for his daughters (blankets our grandmother made, etc.) so perhaps they’ll get use rather than taking up space in my closet which could be better used.

As an enticement to come play fashion critic, I offered lunch. The menu, from The Voluptuous Vegan, was pomme frites, a roasted garlic and herbes de provence aiolï, citrus and cucumber salad, and a provençal stew with couscous. Was tasty, though the pomme frites could have been better (they kept sticking to the paper, making it difficult to turn them when needed).

Finally cleaned up all the dishes (thank heavens I was cleaning as I went along or I’d never have had room for it all), and inventoried and bagged the culled clothing. Relaxing now with a glass of the pinot grigio I opened for use in the stew, and enjoying not having any more dishes to clean. It did push home the need to replace the blinkin’ dishwasher, though – doing that many by hand was trying, and not good for my hands (yay eczema).

3 January, 2009

Uberlist 2009

Category: Lists — Moose @ 6:02 pm

Got it finished, so without further ado:

  1. Breathe
  2. Find my rituals
  3. Race an Aqua-velo
  4. Fix the foot for good
  5. Go to Comrades in June
  6. Get an entertainment center
  7. Replace my shelves
  8. Reorganize the closets
  9. Hire a cleaning service
  10. Replace my dishwasher
  11. Participate in a charity ride, if there is one this year
  12. Cull my clothing
  13. Donate the old microwave
  14. Check on upgrading my cable service to digital
  15. Re-read the Book of the Way and its Power, in Mandarin
  16. Frame my graduate school diplomas
  17. Assist at CBE in April in Philly
  18. Take more pictures
  19. Knit some socks
  20. Knit Kathy’s hat
  21. Knit Tina’s baby scarf
  22. Knit something for my nieces
  23. Establish a weight routine
  24. Visit Atlantic City
  25. Make margarita cupcakes
  26. Learn to use my convection oven
  27. Paint a room
  28. Beat 2 games on the Xbox
  29. Beat 2 games on the Wii
  30. Play a game online with a friend
  31. Reduce my waist size back to a comfortable one
  32. Increase the gauge on my earrings
  33. Commission a piece of art
  34. Reduce or eliminate caffeine
  35. Reduce my consumption of HFCS
  36. Replace the old PC
  37. Get a set of blinds
  38. Clean behind the fridge
  39. “Fix” the front hall
  40. Floss regularly
  41. Get at least one professional massage
  42. Attend a heart circle
  43. Pay off another student sub-loan
  44. Read more books
  45. Get below 155lbs
  46. Have friends over for dinner
  47. Host a bad movies party
  48. Host a game day
  49. Do a massage exchange
  50. Take a knife skills class
  51. Pick up items from Les
  52. Brunch
  53. Practice erotic play
  54. Read the unread Chinese fiction in my collection
  55. Go see A in Vancouver
  56. Look into getting ink
  57. Cry
  58. Clean out the kitchen cabinets
  59. Update my resume
  60. Roomba-ize the living room
  61. Go dancing
  62. Get folks down to Cantina Marina
  63. Come up with a display for my medals
  64. Frame my finished cross stitch projects
  65. Finish a cross stitch pattern
  66. Get a power tap for the tri bike
  67. Get a body fat scale
  68. Get photos done
  69. Use my crock pot
  70. Take leftovers in for lunch
  71. Decorate the bathroom
  72. Go on a date
  73. Pay off a credit card
  74. Remember that I have an oven
  75. Record things in Quicken faster
  76. Track my cash spending
  77. Clip coupons
  78. Go to the Holocaust museum
  79. Join a museum society
  80. Meet Tycho
  81. Fix the tire sensor on the car
  82. Fix the AC in the car
  83. Get air purifiers
  84. Increase my TSP contributions
  85. Water my plants regularly
  86. Grow balcony plants
  87. Cook what I grow on the balcony
  88. Use some of my unused gear
  89. Donate more books
  90. Go to the optometrist
  91. Get my annual physical
  92. Get away from desk at lunch more often
  93. Volunteer at a race
  94. Get to a farmers market
  95. Get a pedicure
  96. Attend a play
  97. Do regular core work
  98. Reduce surface clutter in the apartment
  99. Learn how to do multicolor knitting
  100. Clean out work desk
  101. Go grocery shopping more often
  102. Readjust my sleep schedule to earlier
  103. Take chair & shelf to parents
  104. Get rid of the extra crates
  105. Dispose of roomba battery properly
  106. Get prescription goggles
  107. Store my bike rack properly
  108. Use or donate my old cooking magazines
  109. Get a better tool box
1 January, 2009


Category: Lists,Mood — Moose @ 4:06 am

Well, I’ve lived up to one of the items on my as yet unpublished Uberlist: