31 March, 2006

‘Tis Official

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Well, it’s now official: I have far too many keys on my keyring.

Closing went off without a hitch, paperwork’s all signed and happy, and I’ve got the keys on my keyring. Mortgage payments, here we come. But until then, it’s nap time.

Anyone for Titan bar HH tonight?

30 March, 2006


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Decided to go ahead and go with the cable modem, so that’s set for installation on the 14th, the day after the movers come. Also decided that I’ve become far too spoiled by having TiVo service at home, and since TiVo has extended their lifetime subscription option until April 15th, 2006, it makes sense to get a unit now and pay the one-time fee, even if I’m not planning to get cable TV immediately. The decider there was that cable modem service sans TV service was the same as cable modem service plus the TV service, so why not go ahead and do that. Now I just have to figure out which TiVO box to get.

(and yes, I know, series III this summer, HD, prettier picture, blah, blah, whatever. I just want something to record shows and be easy to use and TiVo is it for that)

Will be sending out the “help!” posting about details on next Saturday the 8th soon.

29 March, 2006

Planning Process

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The sure cure to panic over things like, say, moving, for me at least, is to sit down and make a list. Started that today, writing down those items I’m thinking about buying for the new place (TV, shelving, etc.), putting a cost (item cost, shipping, tax…) to them, and where I’ve found something, the name and vendor. It does help make the whole thing more manageable and not quite so overwhelming. I’m lucky in that the seller’s credit I’m getting at closing will leave me with more cash than I was expecting to have, so I’ll be in a position to pick up a couple of things sooner rather than later (TV…), which should make the home a tad more comfortable.

Overall the image of the place is coming together in my head. The acid test, of course, will be getting the existing furniture in there so I can see what will and will not work, but I’m liking the concepts I’ve got floating around. The one big thing I’m doing that’s different from previous apartments is that my “office space” is not going into the bedroom, it’s going to be out in the living room. I want the bedroom to be just that, a bedroom, and not to spend all of my time sitting in there at the computer. To keep with that, I’m looking at flat TVs that can be an “all-in-one” solution, meaning it can be TV, computer monitor, and (eventually) gaming console monitor. Any thoughts on that are welcome as I do my research (and yes, I’m pretty much set in getting one device rather than at least two).

Heading out to Tysons this weekend to do some in-person shopping at West Elm to get a feel for a couple of their pieces. I’m very much the “I want to see it and touch it and make sure it looks in person like it does on the web site/in the catalog” kind of shopper, when that option is available. Also have to pick out/up a mattress. After the closing Friday I’m going to try and sit down with the desk folks at the building and chat about package delivery and how that works, but that’s not an immediate need, and could be done over the phone if needed.

28 March, 2006

Pictures of Home, Empty

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I posted some pictures of the new place over in the old site template (since I’ve not come up with a new site template for pictures yet). 36 pics in all, so not so dial-up-friendly.


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My closing has been moved up from next Friday (the 7th) to this Friday (the 31st). Eeck! I’m still looking at a two-week process for the move, now doing the packing next weekend (the 8th) and then having the movers come on the 13th.

Basically, everyone was ready to go, I think the seller is anxious to be done and over with the property (it’s being sold by an estate), so we’re doing it sooner rather than later. Fine by me!

27 March, 2006

If you thought last week was fun…

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The visit to the parents and other family members was good. My new niece, the three and a half week old one, is tres cute, with a full head of very black hair (all spikey, too – punk rock baby!). We’ve determined that her nickname is one that irritates my sister-in-law, so of course we’re all using it (including my brother, interestingly enough). The older niece turned nine on Friday and liked seeing her Uncle Moose, especially since I think I roughhouse a tad more with her than her father does or my parents can (i.e., picking her up, flipping her over, etc). I’m enjoying the chance to play with her while I still can – both her parents are a good chunk taller than I am, and she’s catching up to them rapidly.

Despite the best laid plans, I did nothing more athletic than lifting a wine glass the entire time I was there (though I did get through several levels of Super Princess Peach). Ah well. The Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler is going to hurt this weekend.

Placed a couple calls about the utilities today and was pleased to discover that it’s going to be pretty painless to switch the cable and phone stuff over to Richard without a disruption in service. Thank heavens. Of course, the cable company I use now doesn’t have service in the new building, so I have to decide what I’m doing for ‘net access. I’m leaning heavily toward DSL as opposed to cable because frankly I don’t think I’m going to notice the difference between 3Mbps (DSL) and 5MBps (cable), but I know I’ll notice the $20+ price difference (~$35 for DSL, ~$57 for cable). A decision to be made soon, but not necessarily today.

I’m also dealing with some drama with my real estate agent, but that should get resolved today. I hope. Nothing that’s screwing up the deal, that’s solid and set, it’s just some timing issues on things.

Work has been absolutely insane today, with things we thought were waiting on something else suddenly not needing that something else, or the meeting that we thought was happening on topic A suddenly being on topic B. Ugh. Hopefully that’s not the trend for the entire week, but I don’t have my hopes up.

24 March, 2006


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Drove down to the home of the parental units today. The drive was uneventful, though I seem to have maintained my case of leadus footus, and managed to get here in a little under 3.5 hours. I’m reminded of why I enjoy not owning a car, and not driving on a regular basis – it drives me batty (no pun intended). People don’t get out of the way when they’re not passing, they go slow in the left lane, they don’t use turn signals, etc. Ugh. But I got here just fine.

The niece is enjoying Super Princess Peach, and ’twas fun seeing her. My brother, on the other hand, lives like a pig. Admitedly, he was sick the past couple of days, but their apartment is an absolute mess, with stuff everywhere. Glad he’s not in a highrise or he’d have had bugs all over the place – they love that kind of environment. I shudder just thinking about it.

Showed my parents pictures of the new place via snapfish. I’ll get them uploaded & posted here sometime this next week, after I’m back.

Otherwise it’s quiet here. Going to do some shopping tomorrow with the ‘rents, and I think we may be doing cake for the niece. After that drive I should sleep like the dead tonight, and then I have to figure out if I want to swim or run tomorrow. Either would be good, it’s a matter of where & how long.

23 March, 2006


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I think the enormity of buying shares property has finally caught up with me. I’ve been totally unfocused on work all day, and very much feeling like I have too much (personal stuff) to do and too little (personal) time in which to do it, none of which is conducive to concentrating on obscure references to old statutes. [insert loud sigh here]

Right now I think my schedule is going to be: April 7, close, spend that weekend shopping, picking up some things for the new place (mattress, trash can, shower curtain, etc.); April 15, packing get-together; April 20, get movers in to relocate me; April 21, attempt not to hyperventilate and get the apartment set up. I have the leave approved for the 7th, 20th & 21st, now I just have to find movers and close.

21 March, 2006

Addicted to Pain

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The Little Piggy Who Stayed Home is a trifle sore, and I can tell the nail is a tad darker than usual, but oddly enough it was completely pain-free on my run this afternoon. The dress shoes are another story, but those are never large enough for my toes, even at 2E width (I wear 4E width in running shoes). Doesn’t help to have odd feet.

Am definitely addicted to Super Princess Peach now. It took a bit to figure out that the water wheels had to be cried upon to get them to move, and the windmill had to be cycloned to get it to move, but now that I’ve learned their tricks I was able to move up two levels tonight. Such fun.

Tried to swim tonight, but the Y, as usual, never updates their web site so they had a class in there when I wanted to go in, so I got some Thai food, then groceries, then home to goof off.

I’m excited about the move, but honestly, I just want it over and done with. I want the end result, but not the process (unlike, say, triathlon, where the process is more the point). And I’m worried about window treatments, of all the odd things. I don’t need any in the living room yet, but I will need some in the bedroom so I can sleep (which means I want it as dark as possible at night). And I have no clue what’s out there, or what I want. I only know that whatever faces the outside of the building has to be white, per the cult rules (so, a liner or sheers on the inside/outside?). Ugh.

Headed home this weekend to see my parents, my brother, his wife, my 9 year old niece and my three week old niece. Should be fun, and I’ll get to try out the bed I’ll be sleeping on in the parents’ RV in June when we go up for my triathlon.


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My agent just called, I’ve been approved to join the cult co-op. Now I just have to go to settlement on the 7th, and I’ll be a property owner share owner in a co-operative corporation.