15 May, 2011

Out Shopping

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Dragged the boy down to the not-quite-local outlet mall down in Virginia today. I think we were both exhausted by the end – it was a lot of walking – but it was worth the trip. I finally ordered a replacement for my dishwasher, and picked up some needed dress shirts and ties. Let him talk me into a couple sport coats that should be kinda fun. And we got a lot of time to chat and learn more about each other, which was very good. I think we complement each other well in the strengths we both have to bring to bear on things.

It’s been a little over three weeks since we met in person, and a little over five since he messaged me online. When he did I wasn’t sure about dating, if I wanted to go through that mess again. I’m glad I took the chance and replied to him, as I’ve really enjoyed the time I get to spend with him.

12 May, 2011

Little Things

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Restarted my Netflix dvd mailings this week. Having finally watched Milk, which sat on my entertainment center for several months, I’m watching Titus this evening, one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest plays. Saw this adaptation many years ago, and I think it still holds up well. Revenge, rape, honor, murder, revenge. One of my favorite plays, and one not often performed because of the graphic violence.

Seeing the boy later this evening after dinner plans of his. He’s been asking for things to do for me, so I’m going to set him loose on a couple of things in my apartment, starting this weekend. It’s finally time to renovate a thing or two here, and I can certainly use the help, both in choosing things, and installing the same.

11 May, 2011

Slowly, Slowly

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The slow building back I wrote about last month is, well, slow. But that’s okay. Having the discipline to slow myself down, go for less distance at a lower heart rate, is paying off. I’m feeling better. I’m (mostly) sleeping better (more on that in a moment). And things are a bit calmer overall.

The course ended up being completely worth the time. It was a ton of information, which I’m still digesting, but again well worth it. Now I just need to finish reading the manual and fill in the quiz so I can finish that last part of the certification process. In the meantime, with the slow down in training, I’m also bailing on my first race. I’m just not ready for it, physically, so I’m aiming for the next one in June, a sprint here in downtown. I’m going to take the day after the May race off, however, as planned, so I can use that as a reading/quiz day and hopefully finish that up. It would be nice to be “Coach Moose” before the end of this year’s newbie program.

Sleep is mostly better, save when I’m sleeping over at the new boy’s place. Yup, seeing a new boy. He works for a local university as a resident director, so lives on campus, plus he has a dog, and no car (where I do have a car), so it’s just easier for me to stay over up there when we stay together. But that’s meant adjusting to a new bed, and a new person in said bed, and learning his/our sleeping patterns. I’m gradually learning it, but man those early mornings are tough. Thankfully the commute from his place in the morning is pretty smooth, so it’s been relatively easy to get up and get down here to SW to work out. When I don’t sleep in a bit, that is. Otherwise it’s going well. We’re taking thing slowly, trying not to rush into anything (though, yes, overnight stays are a part of that).

LJ (which I do still read daily) for some reason completely reset my theme today while I was at work. Found the one I was using and reapplied it, but that was annoying when I looked at my Fiends’ List this evening. Too few entries, and all the wrong colors. No thanks!