6 April, 2015


Category: Health — Moose @ 9:09 pm

It’s strange when your body decides not to do what you normally expect it to do. I had a bout with a lovely little thing called Bell’s palsy back in February. Had a head cold, spent a weekend feeling like I had the mother of all ear infections, then on Monday my face decided to stop working quite like it should. I was lucky, it was a very mild case. My eye didn’t want to close correctly, and the side of my mouth didn’t turn when I smiled (I smirked a lot). Couldn’t whistle. And then, in the middle of it all, we went on vacation to Disney. It’s not comfortable when you are someplace, taking lots of pictures, and you can’t smile correctly.

A couple weeks later it was done & gone, almost as quickly as it appeared. Every little smidgeon of pain near that ear starts me worrying, but it’s worrying over nothing. The body repairs itself well, when it can. Thankfully.