11 February, 2006

Snowy Saturday

Category: Food,Running — Moose @ 6:24 pm

Behold, the power of garlic. Nothing quite like doubling the amount of garlic to go into your favorite hummus recipe. Yum!

Nice run this morning while out in the rain. Was trying to get done with it before the snow, which was predicted to start between 8 and 10 this morning, started. Of course, the snow didn’t actually start until 2:30, 2:45 or so here in town, but it’s coming down to beat the band now. The rain wasn’t bad at all, and I’m glad I got this weekend’s long run done before we get “snowed in.” Can easily do the bike indoors tomorrow, and we’ll see if the gym is open tomorrow for a swim.

Oh good, I see snow sticking down in the park now.

My brother’s being a twit, drinking on his antidepressant meds, scaring his about-to-pop-out-a-child wife and our parents. ‘Twas his “cry for help” (his words) and it certainly worked. Little idiot. Heaven forfend he should just ask for some help, no, instead he has to make a big dramatic scene. And here I thought the gay children were supposed to be the dramatic ones.

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