8 October, 2005

Let Loose the Dogs of Cleaning

Category: Stuff — Moose @ 3:33 pm

I’ve spent all afternoon, post lunch, cleaning up my two closets. There’s a pile of empty boxes in the living room, and several full ones on and around my bed, needing sorting. Among the carnage:

  • two printers
  • a keyboard (“Windows 95 compatible!”)
  • an old wool scarf in the family tartan
  • tons of old financial records (bills, receipts, etc.)
  • a fish-shaped bathroom radio
  • a couple old blankets
  • two full boxes of computer parts
  • etc.

I’m still boggling over how and why I accumulated so much junk. And that was just one closet, really – the next one isn’t as bad with stuff, just empty boxes. I wonder if I should try to sell some of the porcelain moose figurines or just donate them. I’m sure someone out there wants some moosey knick-knacks…

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