30 March, 2006


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Decided to go ahead and go with the cable modem, so that’s set for installation on the 14th, the day after the movers come. Also decided that I’ve become far too spoiled by having TiVo service at home, and since TiVo has extended their lifetime subscription option until April 15th, 2006, it makes sense to get a unit now and pay the one-time fee, even if I’m not planning to get cable TV immediately. The decider there was that cable modem service sans TV service was the same as cable modem service plus the TV service, so why not go ahead and do that. Now I just have to figure out which TiVO box to get.

(and yes, I know, series III this summer, HD, prettier picture, blah, blah, whatever. I just want something to record shows and be easy to use and TiVo is it for that)

Will be sending out the “help!” posting about details on next Saturday the 8th soon.

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