24 November, 2006

To the Library

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I blame Susan Dennis, as if there were any need to blame someone, but to her goes the blame for getting me to go to the local library finally, some 7 months after I moved down to Southwest.

I’d not been to the local branch here, the Southwest Neighborhood Branch. I’d been to the Mt. Pleasant Branch many times, and I suppose I was spoiled by MtP and its Carnegie library building. Like all of Southwest, the library was reborn from the ashes of “Urban Renewal,” but unlike the cool modernist residential buildings that surround it, there is little of modernist design about it, other than the municipal cinderblock architecture (so reminiscent of my mother’s Junior High/Middle School library, where she worked for almost 30 years). Regardless of the design elements (or lack thereof), the building was in good repair, and did have a nice modern touch in the automatic doors for both entrance and exit.

The science fiction collection was rather small, two sets of bookshelves and a part of a third, but it will do me for now. I grabbed three books after renewing my card (“Your card has expired, and we have these new ones now, so which design would you like?”), updating my address and all that. They even have a keychain card, though I doubt I’ll use it since I don’t use any of the other ones I have (I consider them a nuisance at best – who wants to carry around all that extra crap in their pockets? CVS and Safeway have it right in that they allow you to just give or type in your phone number and be done with carrying more cards). I’ll have to bug the Friends group to add to the collection there. Or get creative with requests from other branches.

I also noted with some satisfaction that they have proper bike parking out front, of the reletively recent vintage that the city government is putting up here and there as they can. Glad they did so at a municipal building, and I’ll be using the bike to hop up there from here on out, I suspect.

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