11 July, 2007


Category: Relationships — Moose @ 1:42 am

I can’t stop thinking about him.

We spent almost the entire weekend together. We hung out with friends. We crashed at someone’s house. We went to breakfast at 1 pm. We went to the movies. We cuddled. We explored each other.

I turned down an offer from another hot guy tonight. I couldn’t imagine not being with him.

I’m obsessed. And I get to see him tomorrow, maybe, then not at all for at least a week.

This is so odd for me. I get into someone, but not this into someone. Not to the exclusion of all others. This is Mr. Polyamory. This is the guy who can’t seem to settle down. This is someone who’s defined by the spectacular failure of the first long-term monogamous relationship. Who doesn’t settle. And yet I can’t stop thinking about him.

Hell, I watch pr0n and my first though now is, “I’d like to be doing that with him.”

It’s unnatural.

And I love it.

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