4 July, 2007

Almost Human Again

Category: Biking,Charity,Geek,Stuff — Moose @ 4:00 pm

Stretching, a shower, lots of food, a lie-down (not really a nap), more food, and I’m starting to feel human again. Four hours and about 20 minutes after I started I got home from today’s bike ride out the W&OD trail, about 62 miles. Went out to mile marker 24, which is somewhere in Loudon county near Sterling. Stopped briefly, stretched some, then turned around to head back.

The ride out was great. The trails were well marked, and I had no problems switching from the Mt. Vernon Trail to the Custis Trail to the W&OD. The way back, on the other hand, I never saw a marker to get back on the Custis, so I ended up riding the W&OD all the way down to Shirlington, getting a little lost as there are NO signs worth crap down there, then finally finding my way to the Four Mile Run trail and back to the Mt. Vernon and home.

Wore a sleeveless jersey to try and even out some of the sun on my shoulders. So far, so good.

Overall I liked the W&OD. There were a tad too many stops when you ran though areas like Vienna and Herndon, but there were also some good stretches where I was able to get down onto the aerobars and relieve pressure on my neck. Not too many kids out, though I had one heart-attack inducing moment when I thought one little girl was going to turn out into the trail right as I came up beside her. Thankfully her mother, running behind her, intervened. I suspect that’s where my max heart rate reading came from for the ride.

Have to get the center water bottle set up for this upcoming weekend’s ride – I didn’t have quite enough water with me, which was really annoying when I was lost in Shirlington and couldn’t find my way out. Basically this just involves trimming the straw down to a height where it won’t annoy the hell out of me, but I’ve not needed it to date, so haven’t hooked it up.

Probably do a repeat of this ride, only a bit further out. Pretty much ready for the Food & Friends ride next week, just doing some last minute testing.

1 July, 2007

Deafening, Birthday, Acting

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The natives are restless tonight. It’s the usual pre-July 4th firecracker week here in DC and they’ve been going off sporadically all night. My favorite was just a few minutes ago, an explosion so loud that I lost hearing for a couple of seconds, even here inside my apartment (with the windows open). I can only imagine what it did to the kids who set it off.

BC’s birthday was Friday, and some space he had tried to get for a blackjack night to celebrate on Saturday fell through so I hosted it here. I’m happy to report that the table easily seats eight. ‘Twas a fun time, and a good way to celebrate the birthday in a nice, low-key manner.

Needless to say, though, we didn’t get up until sometime around noon today.

Once we finally got going it was time for some shopping at the Macy’s sale downtown. ‘Twas fun to shop with him, he’s got good taste. Unfortunately I wasn’t looking for much in the way of fun stuff, more like socks and dress pants and the like. Regardless, the target items were found, and we wandered around a bit more downtown before heading back here for a bad movie and some cuddle time.

Should be an interesting week ahead. I’m acting team leader for my team this week, which seems (from the report from this past week’s acting team leader) to be a lot of getting tons of emails from our boss and forwarding them on for assignment. I know there are other things, but that seemed to be the most onerous part. Thankfully one of our main ethics attorneys will be there to consult (my team leader’s main experience is in ethics work), since I know little to nothing about advising folks on the federal ethics statutes and regs.