21 December, 2009

Remapping the Keyboard

Category: Geek — Moose @ 5:25 pm

Finally found a replacement program for DoubleCommand (DC) that allows one to remap the useless as all get out Right Option/Alt key on the newer mac laptops to a Function key so you can page up and down web pages with one hand. KeyRemap4MacBook. Been checking DC’s site for an upgrade (which never came) for months now, and finally gave up, searched the web again, and found a decent replacement that works. Very pleased with it.

DC worked well on the old iBooks, as it had mastered the remap of the useless “Enter” key that appeared beside the arrow keys and enabled one to then use the arrow keys as “page up” and “page down”, making web browsing on longer web sites (like LJ) much easier to do. But, they never upgraded the program to do the same for the new Right Option key that appeared for whatever odd reason in place of the Enter key on the newer mac laptops. But, KeyRemap now does the trick. Yay.

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