28 January, 2010


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I must be unconsciously watching my language around Mike because I actually managed to shock him with a hearty expletive (“fuck!”) this evening. That or I’ve stopped cursing as much, which is entirely possible since I’m stuck around so many political appointees these days.

Orientation day for the newbies is Saturday and we usually do a run afterward. This year, probably not so much, since it’s forecast to be 28 degrees and snowing. Whee! Not what I want to drag a bunch of new triathletes out into, personally. All the docs are current for them, though, including the next month of workouts, so now it’s just getting the clinics set up.

Need to pick up an X-Acto knife this weekend so I can start the process of replacing light switches and electrical sockets. Having looked at the paint jobs in the hallways I think I can say definitively that the estate I purchased the apartment from had the cult’s co-op’s own workers repaint the unit, because like the hallway, all of the electrical sockets and light switches were painted over when I moved in. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy, and there’s no reason for it when it’s relatively simple to either tape or remove and replace the covers while painting. So, I’d like to get those fixed, at least the ones that are in public view, so they don’t look so sloppy. And I’m dying to replace the awful (and filthy) blue light switch cover in the bathroom. That can’t happen soon enough for my tastes.

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