18 April, 2010

The Situation With Comcast

Category: Annoyances,Television — Moose @ 8:47 pm

I have been attempting to get a new TiVo HD unit set up with Comcast. So far, they’re not impressing me. The first two appointments were complete no shows. For the first appointment on the seventh I took the day off work to wait for them to show up and pop a cablecard into the machine. At 8 pm the customer service line still wasn’t able to explain where the technician was or why he never showed in the 2-5 time frame as expected. For the second one the following Saturday, the dispatcher called an hour after the appointment to tell me they couldn’t come because they didn’t have a card available. Wouldn’t they have known that hours before making me wait around? So, rescheduled another appointment for yesterday. The tech showed, finally (and late), but the one card he brought didn’t work, so scheduled another appointment for today. The tech showed, thought he had everything good to go, and left, but again the card isn’t working. In a call later he said the system was down and to leave the thing plugged in and they’d try again to activate the thing tomorrow morning. That’s to be it for chances, though. If this doesn’t work tomorrow, I’m dumping their TV service. I’ve shown more than enough patience.

It’s a shame DSL isn’t an acceptable substitute for cable internet service or I’d dump that with them, too. It’s also a shame that the board of the cult co-op has failed to act and let RCN run lines into the compound so we’d have actual choice for cable services here. Without it my sole leverage is dropping them, which is looking more and more likely now. I’d miss some of the shows, but at least the monthly bills will go down if it happens. We’ll see tomorrow.

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