12 February, 2008

Spin, spin, spin

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Staying home today. The vertigo progressed a little last night, but it was hard to tell because the drug they give you to treat this stuff (meclizine) is simply an antihistamine which, like benadryl, tends to knock you out. I’m convinced it only works because you’re not awake to tell whether or not you have the vertigo anymore.

This is likely just some viral bit of nastiness in the ear which will resolve itself in a week, according to my doc. Nonetheless, I have a reference to an ENT (ugh), so am trying to get an appointment with them. Scarily, the “muzak” for them when you’re on hold includes a man who sounds like a perky version of David Sedaris talking about facial plastic surgery to make you look younger. It’s more than a bit odd – David’s voice should never, ever be perky. Okay, muzak’s over, and appointment set up for Monday afternoon (during the Federal holiday? Hmph).

BC came over last night after dinner. Was good to have a body to grab (instead of just the bed) when I laid myself down and let the spins wash over me until my ears settled (if you ever wanted to see a lawyer/control freak have a near panic attack, yesterday was your chance). The freak-out aspect has calmed down some today, though. When you’re a bit of a control nut, having the world spin due to nothing you’ve done to or with yourself is more than a bit disconcerting. A nice chanting of “this will pass, this will pass” was ultimately helpful for getting through the shift in head position, kind of like reciting the litany against fear.

So, in the meantime it’s going to be mindless entertainment today while the brain adjusts to the meclizine. That or a lot of napping. And a trip to the polling place (which is, thankfully, literally right across the street from our front gate, so about a block to block and a half walk over there). Because through fall, fog or fire I will vote.

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