27 February, 2008


Category: Annoyances,Body,Health,Mood,Work — Moose @ 10:23 pm

So, the acid test this evening was to lie down flat, relatively quickly, wait a bit, then get back up with similar speed, and see if the dizziness returned either time. I’m quite, quite happy to report it did not. What. A. Relief.

A few more days of not sleeping on my right side and I should be back to completely normal. I went in late to work this morning so I could take the full, prescribed 24 hours in the blasted collar. Actually, I did cheat a little by sleeping most of the night without it, but only because I’d managed to “lock” my head into position with a well-placed pillow that wrapped partially around my head and kept it upright and forward like it was supposed to be. Much more comfortable that way, and it did the trick.

It was very difficult not to want to dance around the room when there was no reaction to the shift in position.

Definitely in much, much better spirits this evening, and quite relieved that the worst seems to be behind me.

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