25 March, 2010


Category: Stress,Work — Moose @ 9:25 pm

This week we’ve been interviewing for the other fiscal attorney that we advertised for last month, which advert closed two weeks ago tomorrow. Six down, three to go; we did the first three on Monday and Tuesday, with three today and three tomorrow. Da bosses decided I would be lead on the six final interviews, since I am the subject matter expert here, and I hadn’t realized quite how stressful interviewing could be. I mean, we have some set questions we’re asking of all the candidates, and have some clear top choices to send up the chain for our bigger bosses to interview and make the final selection, but at the same time there have been one or two where they clearly weren’t what we were looking for, but you still have to go through the motions. Plus the added factor of it being several hours out of your day where you the work is still piling up. Ugh. The political bosses are on vacation next week, so their interviewing will happen week after next (I hope), then it’s offer time and get someone in 2-4 weeks after that. So maybe in a month at the fastest, but likely more like 2 months, I’ll have help. And someone new to train on all the odd little programmatic authorities the BGA has. But hey, help will be help, and it can’t happen soon enough.

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