3 May, 2007


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Went to the Corcoran this evening to hear Karim Rashid give a talk on design as part of the events surrounding the Modernism exhibit they’re currently holding. It was a good talk, I enjoyed it thoroughly (as did Richard, whom I had invited along). He talked a lot about democratization of design, both in terms of making things more available and that more and more folks are now able to design and produce things in this digital age.

He was especially not impressed by items which are expensive simply because of the name/label attached to them. To paraphrase: “A $300 t-shirt had better be damned incredible and do a lot for you, like heat or cool you to the perfect temperature instantly, or keep your nipples from popping out or the like.”
Perfect example on his the latter point, at dinner afterward Richard showed me two books he had put together through Apple and iPhoto publishing that are just magnificent. To think anyone would be publishing their own photo books (not merely collecting individual photos in an album) would have been incredible not that long ago, yet here were two quality productions done from home.

All in all a good way to spend a Thursday night.

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