11 February, 2008


Category: Body,Health — Moose @ 9:10 am

Nothing like an attack of vertigo to start off your day on the right foot.

Woke up, swung my legs over and sat up, per the usual routine, and whammo! Felt like I was still drunk from the night before. Which would be fine if I had actually been drinking the night before, but I hadn’t. Not a pleasant sensation, but it did fade fairly quickly and I cautiously went about my morning. Had one more ‘relapse’ when I laid down on the floor to do some ab exercises while waiting for BC in the shower, but none since (maybe the usual sudafed dose kicked in and dried out the ears? who knows…).

Will test myself again before I go swimming tonight – definitely not into drowning, and I suspect an attack of vertigo in the water would be pretty damned terrifying.

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