13 January, 2010

Laying It Out For 2010

Category: Exercise,Motivation,Racing — Moose @ 11:24 pm

Sat down tonight and laid out a rough outline of the next three months of workouts. The run workouts are pretty set, given the next two races (half marathon in March, 10 mile run in April), the swim & bike ones are just a rough draft. And of course it’s all subject to change as life happens and as I refine my needs in this early part of the training season.

So the planned race schedule for this year’s season is:

Ambitious, but doable. I’m registered for all of them now save the charity ride in July, which doesn’t even have a date posted yet. I’ve heard it’s a good confidence booster for the IM distance, as well as a good experience to show you can do an event of that length (time-wise) and nail down your nutrition. The only real worry right now is the 1/2 marathon that’s first up. Running has been a bit difficult with the cold weather, so the base is a little off, but with some knuckling down, I’ll be there and have fun with it.

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