3 December, 2008

Jewelry Woes

Category: Body,Piercing,Sleep,Stuff — Moose @ 10:43 pm

Had to buy a new ring for the Prince Albert today. Around 2ish last night I woke up, as men sometimes will, with an erection. I suspect, because of some scoring of the ring, that it was damaging the area around the extra hole, so when I awoke there was a bit of pain. Immediately hopped into the bedroom and removed the ring, adding another score to the ring in the process. Sleeping after that was easily done, but when I got back up and looked at the ring, there was no way it was going back in. Slipped in a curved barbel to hold it for the day, then went about the rest of my day.

Left work early for a doctor’s appointment up in Dupont, then stopped in to Fatty’s to see if they had a replacement ring. Thankfully they had one left in stock, so I snapped it up. The piercer also looked at the old ring, confirmed the problem, and gave me some pointers on keeping the removal tool from damaging the ring in the future. One of the tricks worked (covering the tips with bandaids), at least with the initial install, so it’s good to go again.

Also wandered over and got my hair cut a day early, so there’s one less thing to worry about tomorrow night. Leaves me free for a swim after work, and then the DC Boys of Leather’s bar night at the Eagle.

1 December, 2008

Good Exhaustion/Lighting

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Okay, getting back to exercise = one tired Moose.

Biked yesterday, swam tonight (aside – I don’t seem to smell like chlorine as strongly as I did when I swam at the old gym. hmmmm…). All good stuff. It helps that the USAT Club Challenge started today (swim month!), so I have more pressure motivation to get in the pool, at least. And while “running is my prozac,” swimming and biking are definitely helping.

Spent a good part of the weekend straightening and reorganizing and throwing stuff away. You see, I stopped after brunch at a couple of furniture stores and purchased a couple lights and some shelving, so it all had to get put into place. Oy. Happy with the purchases (one lamp had to get ordered, so will be here in a couple of weeks), and how the integrated into the place. Almost panicked over the shelves – bought 4, but only 2 fit in the space for which they were intended (and did not want to have to drag them back to the store), but the other two fit nicely in another spot where they actually (*gasp*) match the furniture, unlike the shelf which was there before. Decorating is hard, and I’ve not the gene for it, but occasionally I get it right. And, bonus, now it’s finally bright enough in here to knit with dark yarns.