23 December, 2022


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The husband and I do a Lego advent calendar each year, and as we were opening today’s door this morning I casually mentioned that I had heard that advent calendars were falling out of favor. He expressed some dismay, then I said, “Yeah, it seems their days are numbered.” 

Thankfully he didn’t hit me. 😉

6 November, 2008

The Reason Why

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Sinfest says the election went the way it did because of the moose vote. I can live with that.

15 May, 2008

Under Pressure

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For all my California friends in light of today’s court news, another oldie but goodie from The Onion.

14 May, 2008


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Quote of the day, from a column by Mark Moford, talking about static media versus interactive media (specifically TV versus Web 2.0):

See, I still want immersion. I want to feel the full expression of the artist, the filmmaker, the writer, the journalist, the individual. I don’t want to walk into an art gallery and have the ability to change a painting’s colors on a silly whim. I don’t want to read a book and be able to change a character’s name or even pick a particular cover design to match my couch. I don’t want to click the remote and choose which characters die or select an alternate ending. If I want to interact with my DVD, I’ll just buy porn, you know?

23 January, 2008

In Vino Veritas (2)

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BC: I’m blaming this all on you!
Moi: What, the hangover?
BC: I have a 9:00 am call with my admissions counselor to talk about the web interface I have to use to take my classes.
Moi: It’s college; hangovers are expected.

25 December, 2007


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Happy Hogswatch to all, and to all a good night.

13 December, 2007

Random Bits

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My right hand looks like a vampire attacked me – I spilled some hot sauce on it last night and it appears I burned it in two spots. Considering the choice was to either get burned or to spill all of the pot all over the stove, I think I went with the better alternative. But still, it’s annoying.

My voice sounds like I’ve been drinking bourbon. Which would be fine, if I had (and much more fun to start). Unfortunately it’s more likely a slight bit of sinus ickiness. I think I’d prefer the bourbon, but this, too, shall pass.

TiVo taped something called the Hogfather as as suggestion, and I’m dying. Absolutely loving it. I just hope it taped the entire thing or I’ll be sorely disappointed. Any “fairy tale” that starts out by detailing the crimes of jack (of beanstalk fame) while reading it to children is a-ok in my book:

And then Jack chopped down what was the world’s last beanstalk, adding murder and ecological terrorism to the theft, enticement and trespass charges already mentioned and all the giant’s children didn’t have a daddy any more. But he got away with it and lived happily ever after without so much as a guilty twinge about what he had done. Which proves that you can be excused just about anything if you’re a hero, because no one asks inconvenient questions.

9 August, 2007

Payments, Anyone?

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While writing in to a local listserv to respond to a question about people blocking the sidewalk, I gave some advice about the section of DC code that lets the police break up the impromptu gathering, and ended it with this sentence, which I didn’t catch until after it was published:

So if a group is blocking the sidewalk or road, either physically or by their behavior, the police may disburse them under this section.

I guess you can take the fiscal lawyer away from the money, but you can’t get the money away from the fiscal lawyer…

4 May, 2007

Happy Star Wars Day

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May the 4th be with you.